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Slow performance of 1920x system in old 3d app and strange behavior of SMT

Question asked by bartosh on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by misterj

I`ve had my 3990K with similair spec but it has been burnt. Something is wrong with my new comp becouse it is much slower than my 3990K (i7 x64 6cores / 16threads 3.2/3.8 GHz) it is even slower than my current old Leonovo Laptop W520 (i7-2820QM 2,30 GHz/3,4 GHz 4cores/8threads)  on 3d app.



That old W520 is my current base point (it may be funny but not for me ).


I`ve did all tips from that article:



I use David 3d scanner which handle CPU for mesh alignment. DAVID_Setup_4.5.3.1374.exe (Date: 2016-08-31) from this site: It`s possible to run that soft without saving (some kind of trial).

Open David as administrator. Open my attached file made for testing. Go to Shape Fusion tab and hit "G" key. Next point green mesh as "A" and violet one as "B". Look on time.


1920x with Creator Mode (SMT turned on) with default BIOS and disabled HPET - it`s about 21seconds (measured with stoper on cell phone)


Old Lenovo W520 same alignment did on 15 seconds (Mobile quad core is about 6 second faster than my 1920x. Something wrong here.)


On heavier meshes difference is much more noticable (21sec vs 30 SMT-1:30 noSMT)


Other thing is when I turn on SMT in Ryzen Master then on Windows 10 I can see only 12cores/12 threads. When I turn off SMT then I can see 12cores/24 threads in Windows 10.


On CPU multithread benchmark it`s about half of 1950x (SMT enabled).


My teories:

- faulty RAM (tested and it`s ok)

- dual RAM on four slots instead of quad on eight slots (I should buy more ram)

- faulty CPU

- faulty motherboard

- Motherboard is not supporting SMT and should but better one

- everything is ok and I have to live with it that my old laptop is faster than my new comp which may be used for heavy duty work

- something with bad latencies (I don`t know that topic at all)


Can you help me with my issue?



My system:

Motherboard: x399 sli plus (AMI BIOS Version 7B09vA6 A.6.0 2018/08/09, AMD Chipset Driver Version 17.40.2815.1010)

Video: GTX 1080Ti

SSD Samsung 860 PRO EVO

CPU: 1920x (Ryzen Master

CPU cooler: NH-U14S TR4-SP3 (temperature up to 50 celcius)

RAM: Kingston Fury 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 2400CL15

Windows 10 Pro version 1803

PSU: Corsair HX1000 CP-9020139-EU 1000W 80+ Platinum