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    Black screen issue - Potential fix --> cpuidsdk.dll & cpuidsdk64.dll



      XFX Vega 64 Liquid

      Ryzen 7 1700x

      Asus x370-f

      GSkill RGB 16GB

      Kraken x62

      Samsung CF791

      Corsair K70 Keyboard

      Corsair M65 Mouse


      Installed Soft/Utilities:

      Asus AI Suite 3

      Corsair iCue

      NZXT CAM

      Asus Aura




      I experienced Black Screen issues since May. Tried all different drivers all the way back to last year, did not help. For a month i though it was CAM software from NZXT, it partially was.

      Basically narrowed down to iCue software from Corsair and NZXT CAM. They both use CPUIDSDK.DLL & CPUIDSDK64.DLL. And probably a bunch of other monitoring software use the same DLL to check on your sensors. Those DLL crash the Display Driver for some reason.


      It is proven here: Black Screening / Video Card output switching off from iCUE - Page 4 - The Corsair User Forums


      First off all if you have any iCue or NZXT CAM - Uninstall, after that do a search for CPUIDSDK.DLL and the x64 version and rename them.

      I am running 1 week free of black screens, my Display Port gives me "Display Port Link Failure" after monitor goes to sleep but i guess that is a separate issue.



      Anyway, hope it helps.