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    OK AMD, it's time to do something


      from the beginning of the year, from the unhealthy introduction of Adrenaline and all its derivatives AMD seems to have completely abandoned all its support to customers and especially towards systems that are starting to be considered obsolete, even if very expensive, the cryptovalute craze has made lose all the credibility of this company for the gaming component


      to give an example, Fortnite, the most played game of the world, THE WORLD!!! is unplayable BY ONE MONTH with the latest update, and after the recent updates from Epic on the game it is clear that the problems all reside by AMD , which in a MONTH has not made any updates to improve the situation forcing its users to downgrade the official update (absurd) to be able to play Fortnite, REALLY??


      what serious company would this allow? how many users have lost in just this month AMD ?? only I find resounding and at the limit of legality everything I'm seeing?
      useless updates, updates that break pc, gpu, monitor, the only ones that seem to enjoy are users with more recent cards like the Vega, who has the R9 is simply cut out at the time, this situation is unacceptable and I'm really fed up with having to Once I have studied the problems THAT THEY CAN NOT RESOLVE


      I'm tired of compiling detailed reports that are not readily resolved with each update
      the question is this, everything worked before November-January, when they started to introduce new software, it is clear this thing because everything worked perfectly and problems like that in 3 years I had never seen, of course, sometimes happens to problem but AMD was able in a short time to solve the thing, there was more passion and support for the component and users of gaming


      sorry for the outburst but I'm really fed up, never again AMD
      I see my friends who have nvidia have a much faster and stable support, I see my friends who have chosen Nvidia have no problem with Desktop, Mouse, Monitor etc. NADA DE NADA



      I'm tired amd


      almost all of these problems have been going on for almost 9 months, and no more excuses are allowed, if after this update some problems are not solved I will be forced to change and continue to make bad publicity about your service


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          I mostly agree with what you say, I do however know that changes Epic made also added to the current issue. Plenty of other UE engine games are still fine. In fact many others modify the UE to run better than epics vanilla version ever did. The Coalition and Gears of War 4 for instance runs awesome on AMD. From what I read ths is frankly one of the reasons epic went with their new license model so they could add the better tech back into their engine.


          That being said, yes,  AMD has a huge issue at hand and I don't know why. It is a nightmare mostly of their own making but of also Microsoft changing graphical standards that nobody was ready for repeatedly, however Nvidia bounced back quicker to these. I would encourage posts such as yours. However as they say you are preaching to the choir. We can't do a thing, we are users here just like you and it is pretty obvious that AMD is absent form its own site, aside from a few souls who apparently have not much more influence than we do.


          I would suggest those of you willing to take up the mantle (pardon the pun), make these posts in forums where it gets more public readership. Be polite and courteous when proving your point, give examples. Bad attitude rarely gets rewarded. Keep also submitting the issue reports to AMD it is very possible they just don't get enough complaints on a topic to take it serious. This forum in many ways is actually a disservice to getting issues fixed. I don't think most new user get they are not voicing themselves to AMD, they rant (rightfully so in many cases) move on, don't get help and likely switch teams.


          To me it is obvious that AMD for whatever reason just doesn't have the resource to fight multiple fires at once and turned it's back on graphics in favor of making Ryzen successful. I guess it was more of a Hail Mary pass too. I don't think they had much choice. I just hope that now, that platform is stable and turning actual profit they can at least finally make progress on good drivers again in graphics. They had a great thing going for years that quickly has gotten tarnished.

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            Please use Email Form to raise a support ticket with AMD. Unless Fortnite players with problems do that, AMD may not see there is a problem at all.
            Also please follow

            Fornite is an Early Access game, so it is likely there will be some problems with the game itself which might conflict with AMD Adrenalin software but not Nvidia GeForce Experience.

            Have you checked the quality and reliability of your internet connection? Sometimes drop outs of Internet can cause Multiplayer games to crash out and cause video driver to crash out.

            Radeon Adrenalin 18.7.1 did include a fix for one particular issue with Fortnite.

            Fornite seems to be running ok to me with Radeon Adrenalin 18.7.1 on latest checked and updated  Windows 10 64 bit with R9 FuryX/Fury/Nano cards.

            Fornite also seems to run o.k. on latest checked and updated Windows 7 64bit provided I disable Aero Desktop theme.

            I did not test the game on Windows 8.1 64bit.



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              There are about 91 pages about Fortnite posted on Nvidia forums.

              Here is one recent example.



              Just in case the link does not work:


              " i was playing fortnite through geforce and a storm made the grid shut down for like 1 second so the connection was cut and the game stopped working. then i restarted the pc and found out that as i try to open a game through geforce or just the client i get a black windows and no more


              Posted 07/20/2018 02:34 PM  "



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                Regarding AMD Driver stability - there were many features added to Crimson ReLive 17.7.2. just before RX Vega launch with features (some only for RX Vega cards) that AMD Users were requesting for a long time. Then Adrenalin Driver added many more features.


                I found Driver stability did drop from 17.7.2 release, improved until just before Adrenalin release. Then dropped again, and improved since the launch.
                I stayed on 17.7.1 for a while until ~ Start March  this year when I decided to use Adrenalin.


                I do still think the Driver stability needs to be improved. I do see frequent crashes  / driver restarts.


                One thing you might want to try is to download the latest version of DDU from here: Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download

                Then reinstall download of 18.7.1 and install clean AMD driver but do not install ReLive when prompted.
                Perhaps something related to ReLive functionality is causing problems for you and your PC System.



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                  actually Nvidia drivers suck the last 3-5 years
                  Nvidia also had the worst driver of all time...


                  in 17.7.2 they tried a new HWacc - because the old one was poorly written


                  also MS changed stuff in how hw is spoken too

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                    I just went to the Official Fornite Forums and took a look there.
                    Here are some links:


                    1. Fortnite issues with AMD - Forums

                    2. Basic Launcher Troubleshooting - Forums

                    3. Fortnite Crashing - Forums


                    Number (1) above,  not exactly a hive of activity. 1 page of 8 posts. GPU performance related, not crashing related.

                    Number (2) above, issues with the launcher crashing, has 464 posts. This is not surprising to me as I saw this happen on Windows 7 64bit with 18.7.1 driver unless Windows Aero turned off. Issues are reported on systems with both AMD and Nvidia cards

                    Number (3). above Nvidia cards, AMD Cards, Xbox you name it : Fortnite Crashing - Forums


                    In many of the above posts Users are not even stating their system specifications, so I would guess it mght be hard for AMD or Epic to track down exactly what is wrong in cases like that?



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                      It's not just about AMD but the whole coding industry is in disarray throwing Alpha code quality into the public and wait for its response to fix those errors!

                      This is a disgusting attitude the towards the consumer overall...coz it takes people as beta testers. I can see this from a broader scale and just not GPU drivers. The core problem is inept coding bimbos release faulty code which should not be released in the first place.


                      Well, I guess this is the new world syndrome... like it or not ... no one cares..

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                          Wow agreed, even MS release their crap on us these days. When I think of how meticulous the service pack model compared to what they shovel now is, it breaks my heart. But it is our world today. I don't think it matters what it is today. People just don't do their jobs. No respect for others and I think not themselves either.

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                              I use these settings in Windows 10 Pro following Major Updates these days on machines that I need to be stable as possible:



                              All that does is offload all of the "testing in the field" to people who either do not know how to / cannot use those options.


                              I have walked away from Microsoft Windows 10 as my main OS and use Linux instead as much as possible.
                              Almost there, apart from Gaming which needs DX11 and DX12.


                              For Windows users with AMD cards I think Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is best starting point, however you will have no easy way to set GPU Fan Speeds, GPU clocks etc. Basically you have to edit and change numerous files in driver directories which is a pain and prone to error.
                              There is no GUI for the AMDGPU or AMDGPUPRO Drivers yet, and no way to record Gaming Videos like ReLive.
                              If you have Nvidia cards, then no problem. Ubuntu make it very easy for you to install the Proprietary Nvidia Drivers and the Nvidia GUI on Ubuntu has a very similar look and feel to the Nvidia GUI on Windows 10.


                              There are an increasing number of Steam OS+Linux games.
                              Most I have tested run fine on Nvidia cards.
                              Many do not even support AMD cards at all on latest AMDGPU/PRO drivers - Hitman completely crashes out for example.


                              Even games with Vulkan Support are crashing with my AMD cards on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at the moment.

                              I have installed Vulkan drivers correctly.


                              Examples having problems with Vulkan on Linux with my AMD cards are are Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dota2, Talos Principle.


                              I think it best to stay off Ubuntu 18.04 LTS because of various issues related to Wayland.


                              I am not really sure how I am supposed to report these minor issues with AMD Drivers on Ubuntu.

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                                  That is fairly similar to my group policy settings.


                                  I don't use much linux professionally, just some play at home. I was however very fluid in unix some 30 years ago. At work we do use a Cent OS server that our logistics, warehousing and accounting system uses that is custom built for our manufacturing. Luckily I don't do much with that either as they have a service agreement with that.

                                  Thanks for the share on the settings. You always kinda wonder what other people do and rarely do you get a picture of it.


                                  I have a machine with Ubuntu 16.04 at home and have not gone to 18.04 yet I think I will wait. Let me know if you know when the issues are sorted please.

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                              I knew that many would have made irony on the post pointing out that it's all pointless, as if all the reports made by me previously on the problem had solved something, as if the report was for something, at the current state it is clear that there is a problem background, probably because of MS, ok, but AMD are almost 9 months that can work on and still recur the same problems for users with non-recent graphics cards


                              I'm very curious to see what progress has been made in this disastrous month of silence, I renew my decision, if I do not solve the thing I sell my amd to go directly to nvidia and despite someone posted the discussions about the problems does not matter, I I see and I talk to nvidia users, it's much more stable in terms of little to do optimization, I recently saw that they even introduced the replay with clips of the best actions in Fortnite, AMD take note that you can barely open the control panel !!

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                                  I do not even know your system specs or if you opened an email case with AMD or Epic whatever.
                                  I am not saying I do not believe you that you have problem and that you see crashing.

                                  How can any progress be made is no one knows exactly what the problem is?



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                                      ok, again, my spec:


                                      Versione software Radeon - 18.7.1

                                      Edizione software Radeon - Adrenalin

                                      Chipset grafico - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

                                      Capacità della memoria - 8192 MB

                                      Tipo di memoria - GDDR5

                                      Clock principale - 1030 MHz

                                      Versione Windows - Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) (64 bit)

                                      Memoria di sistema - 16 GB

                                      Tipo di CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz



                                      Versione impostazioni di Radeon - 2018.0711.1421.24002

                                      Versione del pacchetto di driver -

                                      Fornitore - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

                                      Versione driver 2D -

                                      Direct3D® Version -

                                      OpenGL® Version - 24.20.11000.14523

                                      OpenCL™ Version - 24.20.12019.1010

                                      Versione AMD Mantle - Not Available

                                      Versione API AMD Mantle - Not Available

                                      Versione del driver audio AMD -

                                      Vulkan™ Driver Version - 2.0.33

                                      Vulkan™ API Version - 1.1.73




                                      Produttore scheda grafica - Powered by AMD

                                      Chipset grafico - AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

                                      ID dispositivo - 67B0

                                      ID fornitore - 1002

                                      ID sottosistema - E282

                                      ID venditore sottosistema - 174B

                                      ID revisione - 00

                                      Tipo di bus - PCI Express 3.0

                                      Impostazioni correnti del bus - PCI Express 3.0 x16

                                      Versione BIOS -

                                      Numero di serie BIOS - 113-C6710111-O44

                                      Data BIOS - 2014/10/23 02:21

                                      Capacità della memoria - 8192 MB

                                      Tipo di memoria - GDDR5

                                      Clock memoria - 1375 MHz

                                      Clock principale - 1030 MHz

                                      Larghezza di banda totale della memoria - 352 GByte/s

                                      Frequenza di bit della memoria - 5.50 Gbps

                                      Percorso file del driver 2D - /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0001



                                      so, for the umpteenth time, Relive does not work, when it is active and is used once to record a clip (example) the desktop starts a flickering of sounds that remains in loop, like this: https://community.amd.com/message/2846911#comment-2846911


                                      look the date, Gen 2018 and that problem PERSISTS AGAIN


                                      then, I can not play fortnite, for me it is inadmissible to go back to the old drivers because obviously the other games are affected, to give an example, if I want to play fortnite I have to put the 18.3.3 pity that this version slows the input lag Rocket League that obviously known immediately



                                      it is absurd to think that it has to go back to an old version for a single game and it is absurd that with the most recent versions that game, the most played IN THE WORLD, does not start with the latest updates !!



                                      now let's see if after posting for the umpteenth time my components will change something

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                                    If you look here: Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.8.1 Release Notes | AMD


                                    You will see this fix list:

                                    Fixed Issues

                                    • Fortnite™ may experience an application crash on game launch in Windows®7.
                                    • Some games may experience a game crash or hang on multi GPU system configurations when changing or applying resolutions.
                                    • Graphics and memory clock speeds may remain elevated or locked while gaming if video content is also playing on the system.
                                    • Civilization® VI may experience a game crash using DirectX®12 API on game or map launch.
                                    • Samsung™ HMD Odyssey may experience intermittent black screens or flashing on Radeon RX Vega series graphics products."


                                    So, if my workaround of turning Windows Aero Desktop theme off did not work for you, you may want to try to run a clean install of 18.8.1
                                    Please let everyone know if 18.8.1 fixes crashing for you.

                                    If it does, please mark this answer as correct.



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                                        tried and working! and we would miss it after a month did not!


                                        it must be said that there has been an improvement in terms of optimization but the problems related to RELIVE persist, yesterday after some tests initially seemed to work all right, then just out of the game audiofeedback loop starting


                                        THIS PROBLEM PERSIST: https://community.amd.com/message/2846911#comment-2846911


                                        but I'm still happy that they have AT LEAST resolved the problem related to fortnite

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                                            Great news.


                                            Thank you for testing it out.


                                            Could you please mark my answer above about downloading and installing 18.8.1 as the correct answer?
                                            This will help others with problems on Fornite with Windows 7 quickly find that they need to install that driver.


                                            I am glad you are happier now with performance on Fortnite.


                                            RE: But the problems related to RELIVE persist, yesterday after some tests initially seemed to work all right, then just out of the audiofeedback loop

                                            THIS PROBLEM PERSIST: https://community.amd.com/message/2846911#comment-2846911


                                            I think you would be better to post in that specific thread or maybe open a new post specifically related to audio feedback on fortnite?


                                            Thank again.