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R9270x Black screen

Question asked by sanael on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by benman2785

So, I have been using same PC for the last 3 years and a half, updated windows to 10 around a year back, no major problems. But last night, without updating anything driver or OS related, the screen froze and I had to turn off the PC. Today, when I tried to boot it up again, I constantly got a black screen when windows logon should appear. Since changing to the integrated GPU didn't seem to make a difference I blamed it on the OS and did a clean W10 install. Now both integrated intel card (up to 1920x1080) and the 270x (on 1024x768) behave normally, but when I try to install the latest AMD drivers the screen goes black (regardless if using the R9 or the intel integrated card) and I have to reboot the computer.


Any explanation/solution?