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Radeon 4200 on an HP G62 Laptop - Dual monitor output behaviour.

Question asked by eviledna on Jul 25, 2018

I've got an old HP G62 laptop with a Radeon 4200.


It has dual outputs. 1. VGA standard 2. HDMI (I have used an unpowered HDMI to VGA adaptor and this is fully functional).


This config supports output to two EXTERNAL monitors when the lid of the laptop is closed. When the lid is open it favours one monitor and the lap top monitor.


The problem...

Having installed windows and allowed it to upgrade itself the external dual monitor stops working and the second external monitor is no longer recognised.


I know that it works because I have had it working and as soon as I restart the laptop the configuration no longer works.


I have tried to uninstall / reinstall etc etc... Catalyst doesn't work... Are there any previous drivers available? Help me Obi Wan...