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    AMD Overdrive cannot detect AMD CPU, or the current processor does not support AMD Overdrive.


      I need help trying to monitor and overclock my CPU processor.

      I looked up my CPU and computer information and found that I can overclock my AMD Processor from 2.7 GHz up to 3.6 GHz.


      LENOVO ideapad 320-15ABR


      Windows 10 Home (Original)

      AMD A12-9720P 7th GEN Quad-Core 2.7 GHz (Up to 3.6 GHz) (Up to date)

      AMD Radeon R7 512 MB GPU (Up-to-date)

      8 GB DDR4 RAM

      No switchable GPU

      Problem started 2 months after I bought my laptop.

      I couldn't find any steps to try and fix the problem.


      Is there something I need to fix in my computer, or does my processor not support AMD Overdrive at all?