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Sapphire radeon x1550 for 64-bit Win7

Question asked by aanto_ on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by kingfish

---Sorry for the bad english---

Hi everyone, I'm a new member and I need help with an old computer.

I have a Sapphire radeon x1550 for 64-bit Win7, and I'm looking for the latest drivers.

I have already read all the threads of the forum, but I didn't fix the problem because the latest driver I found are from 10-02-2010, and I hope they are not the best because with this I can't launch games.


The amd autodetect and installer and the manual installer don't work, they only re-install the same drivers from the 2010. What I can do? There are others(and new) driver for this videocard?