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    Lack of support.


      Just to clarify, I have a Ryzen 2200G pared with a Biostar A320MH pro, and I can't install Windows 7 (even using keyboard and PS2 mouse), as well as the thousands of other frustrated users of that platform (Raven Ridge).


      According to the motherboard manufacturer, AMD did not support Raven Ridge (APUs) in Win7. However, it supports Pinnacle (2XXX) and Summit Ridge (1XXX). So yes, AMD can do something... PS: Someone blocked my access to my own topic. (Why is it? Maybe just for telling the truth.):  Re: Raven ridge vs windows 7.

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          dante_2016, I doubt anyone blocked your original post.  A moderator would send a message - do check your PMs.   I just posted a response there with no problem, so please try it again.  I know Threadripper supports only W10 x64:


          I got this from AMD when I had trouble booting an older version of W10 (WinPE).  RS2 (Redstone2) is W10 1703 - 1803 is the latest.

          Now that I know a little about your system, I will do some research.  I have found AMD Support very good and encourage you to open a Support ticket with them and give them a chance to help.  Thanks for the information and enjoy, John.


          EDIT:  I should have commented that one user I was helping could not reply and the moderator said it was not blocked - just started working one day.  The e-mail notifications I used to get have been really spotty lately.  I have noticed this forum to be somewhat buggy!

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            according to this website, Yes, you are correct about AMD Raven Ridge APU not being supported in Windows 7. But it can be supported if the Motherboard's Manufacturer updates the BIOS : AMD Raven Ridge Reportedly Doesn't Support Windows 7 | SegmentNext .


            This comment from above link:

            Intel has officially left out Windows 7 support for its latest processors and seems like AMD is taking the same route as AMD Raven Ridge doesn’t support Windows 7.

            According to Reddit user, roflmaono, AMD Raven Ridge doesn’t support Windows 7 probably “due to ACPI issues in the BIOS”.

            Furthermore, this issue can’t be bypassed by using an external GPU. According to the Redditor, this can’t be resolved until BIOS update for the required ACPI permissions for Windows 7 is introduced.

            This will not change until and if BIOS updates supporting the required ACPI permissions for Win7 are made. I have tested this with ASRock and Gigabyte ITX motherboards. I have spoken briefly with ASRock support and they blame AMD despite it being a BIOS issue.

            In related news, AMD roadmap has leaked online revealing the codenames for the upcoming CPU and APU products till 2020.

            In 2019, AMD roadmap suggests that the company will roll out Castle Peak which will be the successor to Threadripper, Matisse which will be the successor to Pinnacle Ridge, and Picasso which will be the successor to Raven Ridge.


            This from another website : AMD Raven Ridge APUs do not boot on Windows 7 :


            AMD Raven Ridge APUs do not boot on Windows 7

            Posted on Tuesday, March 13 2018 @ 10:35:39 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck




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            We've already reported about this before, but sticking with Windows 7 is definitely not an option if you want to keep your system up to date. In 2016, Microsoft stopped providing support for new processors for Windows 7 and the result is that new platforms are not compatible with the aging operating system.

            As such, it isn't really a surprise that AMD's new Raven Ridge APUs can't boot on systems with Windows 7. PC Games Hardware reports someone gave it a try and discovered that both the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G will result in a blue screen of death (BSOD) during the boot process.

            Neither an ASRock nor a Gigabyte motherboard managed to boot Windows 7. ASRock's support team says a new energy management feature of Raven Ridge causes the problem. Without proper drivers you can't boot the system.

            This news also implies the upcoming Ryzen 2000 processors won't be compatible with Windows 7 either. The only solution is to upgrade to Windows 10, just like Microsoft intended.
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              dante_2016, I read that if the MB vendor will release a UEFI/BIOS update, you will be able to install W7 on this board.  It does not seem to be an AMD created exclusion.  I suggest your pester Biostar.  Enjoy, John.

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                I tried to fix it with AMD support. But, unfortunately, the best they can do is say that Windows 7 is an outdated OS.

                But still only Raven Ridge suffers from incompatibility with the OS. I wanted a HTPC with this APU, but I'm going to have to sell it all...