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    Asus C7H Ryzen 2700x hard crash in windows while playing in certain games


      Hello Community,


      I am in a strange situation where i encounter my PC to freeze usually with a gray'ish screen while audio starts to stutter and then i am presented with a black screen.

      Only way to get it back working is to reset the PC.

      This issue seems to be happening independent of clock speed or core voltage.


      What i have tried but games still crash:

      - clock speeds with manual multiplier from 37x to 40x , core voltage auto and manual

      - All clock and voltage related settings to Auto in bios

      - disabled clock boost e.g. cpu sits at base frequency and does not turbo

      - disabled performance enhancer

      - ran Memory at stock settings and my regular overclock settings. Stability tested with a ram tester


      The affected games:

      - War Thunder

      - World of Warships


      Game settings:

      4K full screen @ 60 Hz,

      high-max graphics settings

      Frame rate target control = 60 fps set by driver

      Vsync off, Enhanced sync enabled by default


      Howto duplicate the crash:

      Start playing the game.

      Crash usually between 1 - 30 minutes guaranteed.


      I have many other games but have not yet seen a crash there.

      One time i have seen the crash on my desktop with Firefox playing a video (HW acc. disabled)


      The PC will pass stress testing using AIDA64 or Prime95.



      PC stats:

      Asus Crosshair 7 Hero (non WIFI)

      BIOS 0601 (latest release) incorporates AGESA and SMU Firmware version 43.18.0

      2x16 GB G.SKILL 3200 Mhz CAS14 @ 3200 MHz CAS14

      Vega64 8GB LC running @ balanced preset

      Windows 10 pro 64Bit

      Samsung nvme 512GB 860pro

      Seasonic 850W Titanium


      I found some links where people reported similar issues but have different hw:





      I have a feeling this is AGESA related ??