Issue: Occasional Chrome artifacts (green dots) on pages when switching tabs.

Discussion created by alleyviper on May 16, 2018
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Since mid last year I've been having an occasional pattern of green dots or artifacts when switching tabs under Chrome with HW acceleration enabled. This might happen once or twice in a week, more sparsely in a month or twice in the same day, it's not often and very hard to reproduce. It happens most times on a tab left alone for long, like Gmail, and it goes right away when causing it to refresh, like scrolling down.

I've only found a few threads about this bug at:

It seems to affect RX480/580 cards with completely different vbios versions and pcbs since long. On this particular MSI RX480 8GB G X this has shown on the last 3 official vbios updates it has been through. Both on W10 x64 1703, 1709 and 1803 under updated AMD drivers and Chrome.

It happens both when connected with DVI or DP to monitor, so it doesn't seem like an interface problem (it's also only inside the browser render frame), and (like in the threads above users have pointed) the card is completely stable when stress testing or playing games.


Does the AMD driver team have any knowledge of this issue? Thanks.