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    Hard Freeze with Crossfire Enabled


      Just decided to try adding a second GPU to my system. My new card is an RX 580 while the old one is an RX 480. The RX 580 is in the primary slot. Everything runs fine in single GPU mode but if I boot up a game like Overwatch while crossfire is enabled in the global settings, the system hard freezes (no BSOD) as soon as the main menu loads (where there are 3D graphics being rendered). Is this a power supply issue? I tried making sure both cards are seated properly and the power connections are solid. It's 850 Thermaltake PSU. Any suggestions?

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          Are there any other games where it doesn't lock up? I'm not familiar with Overwatch but multi-GPU is handled differently across game engines. The cards should work but the only thing I would advise is to make sure that each card is on its own +12V rail, if the PSU has a split rail design. Reason being, the amperage will be divided between rails which can only provide a certain amount of current to each GPU. If there are two on a single rail that is split from the total wattage, then you might experience issues like you have described.

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            Pretty sure it's a single rail. Is my PSU still the most likely culprit? Should I just buy a crossfire certified PSU? Both PCI slots and cards work in single GPU mode and my motherboard is supposed to be crossfire compatible. All temperatures appear normal. The system just hard freezes with no BSOD, video output image stuck on monitor and sound cuts off, some of the fans seem to turn off or get quieter after the freeze too. Those are the symptoms I'm getting when it freezes.

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              An RX 580 and RX 480 do not crossfire together. They can work together in multi-gpu under Direct X 12. However for that to happen the game engine has to support multi-gpu in Direct X 12. To my knowledge the only game in existence currently that supports multi gpu is Ashes of Singularity. No telling when this will have wide spread support, but will be nice when it does at it will even allow you to mix and match cards from both red and green teams if all works as they planned. So bottom line you are trying to do something that can't be done. Lucking one RX 580 is overkill for Overwatch so it should not be an issue. I would utilize that RX 480 in another build if I were you.

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                Thanks for trying to help, but you don't seem to know your stuff. There are successful benchmarks posted by people using RX 580 + 480. They are essentially the same GPU. The only downside is that the RX 580's individual output would be slightly downgraded by the RX 480 in a crossfire setup which I can live with. It's also not overkill for a game like Overwatch if you are trying to achieve max frame rate on a 144hz monitor like I am. Are there any AMD experts that can weigh in?

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                  If it's single rail then I wouldn't worry about the cards getting power, as that should be plenty. Some games are better optimized for multi-GPU than others, that's true, but I might suggest browsing some game-specific communities and patch notes just to be sure that some more recent update broke crossfire support or something. That, I am familiar with; is one of the problems I no longer use multi-GPU. Most of the time it either works or doesn't, or it eventually gets broken at some point once patches start rolling out.

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                    Is there any reason my motherboard might not be compatible with bridgeless crossfire? It's an Asus M5A97. I wouldn't think it should be an issue, but I am grasping at straws here.

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                      Those RX580 and 480 cards should DX11 Crossfire together without any problems. Your PSU should be fine unless your CPU is something with a massive power requirement. Your motherboard states this in spec - "Quad-GPU CrossFireX Support!". Really need your System Specs but here is what I would do.


                      1. Set all CPU, memory  and GPU clocks to stock frequencies. I.e. turn off all overclocking. Does it work without crashing?


                      2. Looking at Overwatch Forums, Crossfire and SLI  have been crashing in the past, are you absolutely sure it is working now?
                      It could be a game specific issue. See here: Crossfire support after last update. - Overwatch Forums


                      3. Does Crossfire DX11 run O.K.  in any other title that supports Crossfire and runs really well for me on R9 Fury X / R9 Nano / R9 Nano system?
                      Examples are any of the Crysis Series, Battlefield 1, 4, ... PREY, Titanfall 1&2, Mass Effect 3, etc... You can finds out titles with Crossfire Profiles under Profile Graphics for a particular card.



                      You will see a list here:



                      There is definitely a profile for Overwatch, it should be picked up by default.

                      If not,  then ...

                      1. Make sure your Windows installation is clean, and up to date (check for updates).
                      2. Make sure to Turn off Windows Update.
                      3. Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall your AMD Driver.
                      4. Power off your PC. Remove the mains supply lead to your PSU.
                      5. Double check your Graphics Cards are seated properly in the PCIe slot. RX580 = Primary Slot Card, RX480 = Secondary slot card.
                      6. Double check PCIe Power Connections to both GPU's is o.k.
                      7. Reconnect mains lead. Boot into BIOS. Check that both cards are seen in the PCIe slots in BIOS. Note the PCIe Speed reported.

                      8. Proceed and boot into Windows. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device manager -> Display Adapters. You should see two Microsoft Basic Display Adapters.

                      9. Download the latest version of DDU from here.Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download

                      10. Extract DDU into a known folder.
                      11. Reboot into Windows in safe mode without networking.
                      12. Run DDU (remove but do not restart) and remove any traces on AMD drivers and Nvidia Drivers. It should tell you when it completes each cleanup. Then reboot into Windows in normal mode.
                      13. Download and install AMD Adrenalin 18.3.4. driver (assuming you are not running Windows 8.1? in which case I do not think there are any supported drivers for the RX 580...)
                      14. Reboot into Windows  after driver installation.

                      15. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device manager -> Display Adapters. You should see your AMD Cards identified properly as RX580 and RX480 this time.
                      16. Again making sure to set Set all CPU, memory  and GPU clocks to stock frequencies. Try to run Overwatch in DX 11 Crossfire.


                      Hope this helps.

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                        You might find these interesting:

                        Modernizing multi-GPU gaming with XDMA

                        XDMA: Improving Crossfire - The AMD Radeon R9 290X Review

                        I looked at your motherboard manual and I see that you can run Primary at PCIe2.0 x16 (blue) or
                        Primary at PCIe2.0 x16 (blue) + Secondary at PCIe2.0x4 (black).


                        I think XDMA should work with that unless there is some additional bandwidth restriction.
                        I can run XDMA (bridgeless) Crossfire over a PCIe 2.0x4 connection on my motherboards for sure. I can also run Crossfire using Thunderbolt 2.
                        If you really get stuck I can set up one of my motherboard to see how far down in PCIe bandwidth I can go before Crossfire will not work.


                        I do know that Crossfire does not work for me so far on HD7970 OC 6GB with R9280x 3GB over PCIe 2.0x1 -> USB 3.0 -> PCIe using a Crossfire Bridge. (They do not have XDMA (bridgeless) Crossfire support though).



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                          So we made a smidgen of progress here. Out of all of those steps, the only thing I haven't already done is changing the default crossfire setting to "Use AMD pre-defined profile." The game actually boots without system-freezing, which is an improvement, but runs at about half the frame rate on "Ultra" (second highest pre-set) settings in crossfire than it does on "Epic" (highest preset) settings on a single GPU, and there is terrible texture-flickering. And worst of all, I changed the preset back to "Epic" and rebooted the game to see what would happen, and we are back to system freezing again. Feels like I'm reaching a dead end here. Thanks for the suggestion.


                          AMD FX 8370 CPU
                          MSI RX 580 8GB GPU
                          XFX RX 480 8GB GPU
                          16 GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1366 RAM
                          ASUS M5A97 Motherboard
                          Thermaltake 850W Smart M PSU
                          Samsung 120GB SSD
                          Additional 1TB SATA HDD (can't remember brand at the moment)
                          Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner Optical Drive

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                            No I know my stuff, the people cross firing them with good results are often loading RX 580 bios on those 480s and that is something no manufacturer or AMD supports. Never said it cant be forced to be done. However even when done it will force both cards to operate at the lower common denominator. Even when you get it successfully launch you often have sync issue, screen anomalies of artifacts and such and weird flickers are all symptoms of Crossfire not working properly. These can be from the cards not marrying well (ie not same series), the drivers or the game engine not being optimized. Then you add to that that almost no game in the last couple years has decent crossfire support There have been huge amounts of complaints of crossfire not working well in drivers over the last year. Seeing successful benchmarks doesn't mean across the board great success with crossfire by any means, it just means they completed a benchmark.  Also telling someone trying to help you they don't know their stuff because it isn't what you want to hear is rude. Sure someone else will likely send you down the rabbit hole and have you chasing your tail and you may or may not find a decent result. Lots of things can theoretically work it doesn't equal a positive experience.  Who knows, me I'm only telling you what is officially supported not what  and will likely give you the best trouble free support. That has always, without exception on both teams been a single card solution from the beginning that has the power to do what you want. Dual or more cards has always been a when the stars align perfectly scenario. Even in the best cases there have still been trade offs that make it not worth it. This is why you almost always see most tech sights recommend the right single card to meet your needs.  Now while the chip between the two is the essentially the same, the cards are not, they have different speed and power requirements. Most original reviews claimed them to be virtually the same because they were the same chip just overclocked. In reality very few RX 580 sold are even reference design they have been greatly overclocked from reference on different boards with different power requirements, so yes they are not the same. Being able to turn something on in the software doesn't make it a good fit or a pleasant experience. But we all like to hear what we are looking for I like that. In the future maybe try to loose the insults. If you bought a 580 expecting a high refresh rate solution to meet your refresh needs, when married with an older card, you likely misspent your money. I sure as heck do know what I am talking about and do wish you the best of luck.


                            Sorry for the edit I accidentally hit reply on my tablet before being done.

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                              OK, pity it has not worked for you so far. It might just be the game. Or maybe the PCIe2.0 x4 versus PCXIe2.0x16 is causing an issue... I don't think it should though.


                              Can I ask if you definitely uninstalled the AMD Driver, ran DDU and reinstalled your AMD Driver after you moved the RX 480 from the primary to the secondary slot and fitted the RX580 to the primary slot?


                              How does the Crossfire perform if to select a different game where Crossfire is supported, like PREY, Crysis, PlanetSide 2, TitanFall 1/2, Battlefield series, etc.


                              What about 3D Mark Firestrike - you can download a demo version.
                              Does it look like Crossfire DX 11 is working o.k. in that software?


                              Another thing, if you have not done it for a while it might be a good idea to reflash your motherboard BIOS.
                              I have had problems in the past where Crossfire was broken after Motherboard BIOS corruption.



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                                There appear to be plenty of examples of people running RX580, RX480, R9 Fury's in Crossfire with good results in Overwatch on Youtube as recent as a few months ago.

                                AMD Ryzen 7 1700 + 2x Rx 480 (Crossfire) Twitch Live Stream Test Overwatch - YouTube

                                Ryzen RX 580 Crossfire Overwatch 1440p - YouTube

                                crossfire sapphire rx 580 special edition in Overwatch - YouTube

                                Ryzen RX 580 Crossfire Overwatch 1440p (frame pacing on) - YouTube
                                # 458 [game] - Overwatch - Performance | R9 Fury | Crossfire - YouTube

                                They look good to me.


                                I do not think you should have to flash your RX480 BIOS with an RX580 BIOS to get those cards to work together.



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                                  What does the CPU utilization get to when running 1 RX 580/480 get to in Overwatch with Crossfire off?
                                  Looking at Intel Core i7 4770K vs AMD FX 8370 it might be the case that your CPU is not powerful enough.
                                  I have found that running Crossfire incurs additional CPU load.



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