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Freesync does not work on fullscreen

Question asked by the_slayer on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by the_slayer

Hi there. I am having freesync problems. I must firstly say I have a 144hz monitor. On GTA V, freesync doesn't work completely, it REDUCES the tearing but doesn't delete it.  Now I started playing the old good game called Crysis, and this is the behaviour: if I try to play it in fullscreen, it is a tearing mess. If I try to play it in windowed mode, it is not perfectly centered (other games have this problem too, there is an ampty margin on the left), freesync WORKS but it is a STUTTERING mess. I tried with vsync and it works, but it is useless since I need to play at more than 60 fps and the added input lag is annoying. I did set the fps limiter in adrenalin to 142 and set freesync on "Activated" rather than on "optimized for AMD" (which I don't know what it is for and it caused some issues sometimes).

I even tried to disable the windows fullscreen optimization but nothing changed. Since windows 10 FCU I have huge stutters in all the games I play, and a lot of people reported it..

I have a vega 56, ryzen 5 1600, 2x8gb of ram.

I play on an AOC AG241QX.