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Is AMD Sempron 140 2.70GHz 64 bit capable?

Question asked by gisellej on Apr 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by hardcoregames™

I need to know if the AMD Sempron 140 2.70GHz processor is 64 bit capable. Currently I am running Win 10 Pro, 32 bit, 3GB RAM, 464GB disk. The windows 10 upgrade is not compatible with my graphics card, so I have to revert to windows 7 home, but rather than 32 bit, I want the 64 bit. I'm not very good at these tech things. There are two areas in my system info that says something different about the system type. Under System Info/System summary/system type is says X86 based PC. But via System & Security/System, the specs says its 32 bit X64 based processor. I thought these were two different types? Thanks for any help or advice!