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    Amd radeon hd 7310 graphics driver Windows 10


      Amd radeon hd 7310 graphics driver Windows 10, can't update.


      I think there is no more support for this version of my Laptop. Am I right?

      The Laptop is 3 years old.

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          Here is the error I get

          Error 175 AMD installer can't continue due to unsupported Amd Graphics Hardware

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              Someone may be able to answer your question as soon as you follow AMD Forum rule about posting your Computer Specs: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .


              Without knowing your APU, I suppose it is a A Series APU using a HD 7310 dGPU. This AMD GPU is not supported anymore by AMD. It is considered to be Legacy. The last known AMD Driver is from here : Legacy .


              One from 2015  and a Beta from 2016. Any other driver you try to install will not work unless you install one of the two mentioned. I would go to your Laptop Manufacturer and download their specific  Laptop drivers for your APU and GPU. They work best for your laptop.

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              The 7310 is now in legacy so use the driver on windows update which will handle the basics needed for windows

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                  Actually the drivers back from 2015 that Microsoft serves for AMD laptop graphics adapters seem to make Windows 10 crawl (at everything, not just in graphics stuff). Installing the newest ones from AMD (in this case the beta driver) makes laptops work decently again.


                  This doesn't occur only with the legacy adapters like HD 7310, but also with a bit newer supported adapters like AMD Radeon HD 8600M (have one combined with Intel HD on a Dell Inspiron laptop)


                  Also note that at every Windows 10 feature upgrade, it seems to replace the newer driver with that older one and then you have to replace it with the newer one again (assuming you had the newer installed before, can do it by right clicking Start menu, selecting to see Device Manager, opening display adapters, right clicking the AMD adapter and selecting Update Driver, then selecting to use one on the computer and then select to pick from list and choose the one with the newest release date or the one with bigger version [those two don't always seem to be "matching"])


                  This thing makes both Microsoft and AMD look very bad and wonder when they'll realize it