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Radeon R9 M360 Bios update

Question asked by plustig on Mar 29, 2018
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I have 2 cards: both Radeon R9 M360, 2048MB.


One has BIOS version 2015/08/26 05:20

and the other one has: 2015/03/24 06:44


Now the problem: The card with the older BIOS has some stability issues. It's not the temperature (GPU is at smooth 63°C). Even in the same PC in the same slot the card with the older BIOS tends to reset the driver if the load on the GPU is high over a few hours. (I use them to do some vector calculations directly at the GPU - even this tiny card is faster than any modern Core i7...)


So I looked around if I can find the BIOS v. 2015/08/26 05:20 (or a newer one) anywhere at the AMD page, But that's a NoGo. Here and there I do find a Bios for the M360, but those are ususally for the 4096 MB version. Well - I do not want to install a BIOS I found on some wild page, without having any relationship to AMD.


I also checked in the AMD Radeon Settings tool, It shows me the BIOS version ... but there is no option to upgrade the BIOS itself :/


Does anyone know were I can find a BIOS for this card?


PS: It's also very stange: I can find very little information about this card in the internet. Ususally it tells me: "Did you mean R7 M360?" - no every tool tells me it's an R9 M360