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    Problems with adrenalin drivers (all versions) Star wars battlefront 2 Rx 580 4gb


      Hi everybody!

      Maybe people are tired for this kind of asks about adrenalin versions.. The something is that today is 28 march 2018, and i just cant play with all the versions of adrenaline drivers, i have currently installed 18.2.1, but i tried to 18.3.3, and all the other optional drivers.. and i CANT play star wars battlefront 2. I have drops of the FPS (20-30 with no Vsync activated), i have artifacts, complety crashes of the game, etc.. i know that if i return to the old versions (17.11.4) the game goes better.. but i cant play the other games like rainbow six, or overwatch, because this games dont let me play with old drivers versions (or drops fps too with this drivers), and i have to unistall and install diferents drivers continually. Is very frustrating and  i cant found a solution, i tried even making han exception to windows defender to the amd files but doesnt work. I put graphics on low, directx 12 and 11, i reinstall windows 10, i just cant play! i bought this Rx 580 just to this game and now i cant enjoy it!, i have only problems with this game, so Is this a problem with EA games?, i bought my grapichs card on november last year, is a Asus dual series Rx580 4gb (never OC).


      My PC specifications:

      i7 4770

      16 gb ram ddr3

      EVGA 500w plus Bronze

      ssd kingstone 120 gb (the game is installed here)


      Any suggestions will be helpfull!, maybe antoher old version i dont know.. thanks.