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    Ongoing freesync issues 18.3.4


      Freesync is still broken on 18.3.4 with an XFX 580 8gb and a Nixeus Edg27 monitor over DP1.2.

      The windmill demo freesync doesn't work (hz cycles between 30hz and 144hz) and is strobing heavily. On the g-sync demo freesync works (how ironic) but there is a lot of strobing. In game (PUBG) freesync does not work. All of this works perfectly in 17.11.4


      Time to get your act together AMD. This has gone on far too long. Also stop telling us it's fixed in Patch Release Notes when it clearly isn't.

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          Update your windows 10 -> Use DDU and do a clean install of 18.3.4.


          Try another cable even.

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            This happens to me as well, with performance decreases, crashes, and freesync flicker.

            It is a driver issue because I currently am using 17.11.1 with my Radeon RX580, because that driver gives me the least amount of problems altogether.

            Also, the newer 18+ driver is worse with display detection and has issues resuming my freesync compatible, displayport connected monitor.

            I also receive noticeably worse FPS, in games such as PUBG when using the newer version vs. the previous driver with all most recent PUBG release updates.


            My only guess up to this point is that the AMD drivers are limited by their freesync range.

            So as new monitors release with greater refresh rates, AMD has increased the top level for their freesync range, yet from what I deduce, they also had to increase the lower range in doing so and this may be what has caused us so many issues yet explains why older drivers work.


            This is just my subjective, educated guess, that only certain driver versions are more compatible with certain freesync ranges.

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              Same here. Just fix at already please. Seems like time to switch to NVidia...

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                Same here, build my Ryzen 7 and Vega 64 to make use of freesync benefits, gaming at 4k.. well seems more and more like a waste.. rly bummed about this..

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                  Yep, I've had similar problems. I've had a 75Hz FreeSync monitor for over a year now, and it works fine. I bought a 144Hz monitor 5mths ago, and had so much trouble with it, even tried to return it under warranty. Then listed it for sale, and bought a different 144Hz FreeSync monitor. First day it was great, but then today it's gone so bad. Turned off FreeSync, and it works great.

                  Looks like my next GPU will be Nvidia, and I'll stop wasting my time with this buggy gimmick.