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Warning for Gigabyte X370 and B350 motherboards, and a request of AMD

Question asked by disturbedbrain on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by ajlueke

Hi everyone, I'll try to make sure theres no fluff in this post and get straight to the point. As some of you might be aware Gigabyte are doing a god awful job at supporting and fixing the firmware of their B350 and X370 based boards ( it's gotten so bad that there is talk by Gigabyte customers of a class action lawsuit because they are repeatedly being ignored by Gigabyte and the situation has gone on for a year or more now. I feel that the disregard being shown by Gigabyte to their customers and failure to address the simplest of firmware bugs to the less technically adept people at least out there who don't know where to turn reflects badly on AMD as a result of Gigabytes (in)actions to those less technically knowledgeable people so AMDs public image takes an undeserved beating. I ask that anyone reading this spreads the word and that if anyone knows how to reach AMD in any way to tell them about this situation and ask if there is anything they can do to get Gigabyte to acknowledge these problems and actually fix them. Thats all we want, some firmware that fixes the problems we are having. Below is a list of current known issues with the latest F22 firmware that apply to all of Gigabytes B350 and X370 boards either in part or completely.



1. XMP is entirely or partly broken even on memory kits Gigabyte themselves list as fully compatible on their QVL list.

2. Disabling Gear Down mode with XMP enabled causes a no POST.

3. Half or more of the advanced memory timings do not display default SPD \ UEFI values next to them


A screenshot will best illustrate and explain this one;


4. When HPET is disabled a 0d POST code system hang occurs when trying to restart the system from Windows

5. P-State overclocking is broken... again.

6. When overclocking the CPU vcore with constant voltage (likely applies when overclocking the CPU with offset voltage as well) VCORE SOC Voltage is set extremely high when left at the "Auto" setting (1.236v-1.248v).

7. Setting the Orange LED profile in RGB Fusion turns the LEDs yellow. Incorrect preset values. Should be Red: 255, Green: 19, Blue: 0.


Even the security hole with Gigabyte gaming motherboard firmware failing to recognise the GOP on the Nvidia GTX10xx video card range so making CSM necessary and Secure Boot unattainable has only recently been fixed and newly introduced bugs with the latest firmware such as broken HPET must surely be particularly eyebrow raising as AMD recommend disabling it as par for the course. I as have countless others tried getting Gigabytes attention, or anyone from Gigabyte in general, in their forums to make them aware of these problems as have I tried contacting their support which when I did eventually get responses after replying to anything they asked me (in my experience it was not uncommon to wait a week or more for a single reply) I mostly got excuses from Gigabyte, and poor ones at that. At one stage I was asked to get back to them after trying a beta firmware they sent me to verify if the problem was fixed. Trying to be helpful and aid them in squashing bugs I took an entire weekend to fully test the beta firmware they sent me and gave them a full report explaining clearly each bug I found and how to reproduce it only to never get any reply back. I still have not got a reply back to this day either, its been at least 2 months now since then.


Thanks for reading guys and I hope we can get some momentum going to get Gigabyte to take their thumbs out of their arses.