my terrible crashing for months fixed - RX 580 and Vega RX56

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TL/DR: see 2nd post below. Power supply was the problem.


This is the error I'd get: "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


Months ago, when I first upgraded my RX 280 to a 580, I was sad, mad, furious etc when I had just horrific stability problems. I may have finally isolated the causes. I'll just paste my first post then today's update.


NOTE: my PC specs: Vega RX56, Intel i5 cpu, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 1709, I believe I'm on the AMD driver release about 6 to 8 weeks ago (18.1.1?).


Older post (maybe 5 months ago?):

I wish I had to time to put up a thorough post on this, but the short version is that about 3 months ago I switched from a very stable (for about 3 years, IIRC) gaming platform with an R9 280 to an RX580 (didn't change any other part of the PC). Once I switched to the RX580 I had constant crashing. Like, just sitting at the desktop.


It's still not perfect but I started taking notes and isolating one thing at a time and I found that I picked up a ton of stability by using in-game settings for anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, that is, leaving the driver settings at default (use application settings). This is for NBA 2k17 and Mass Effect Andromeda. I then made sure any adjustments to visual settings were done in game.


I know that's not super thorough but I hope that helps. You might do a full uninstall with the AMD cleanup utility and DDU and change only one setting at a time for a while. I can tell you I had crashing so often for a while I nearly took a sledge hammer to my (expensive!) computer and monitor.


Today's new info:


One more update. I believe my issues starting with the 580 through my current Vega RX56 can be narrowed down to two things: incompatible driver/game video settings (this has been sorted out for a while) and Windows 10 updates. Recently after having about 5 or 6 weeks of stability, I started having the same issues as before. That is, the "Radeon settings host application stopped working" error both while playing and sitting at the desktop and the error that says your video card might have been removed. Seriously, I'd get the Radeon crash often while just sitting at the desktop.


It got very bad again just the other day (Monday 3-19)after weeks of stability and I realized the only thing that had changed is the March Win 10 Cumulative update. That is, I had stability for weeks then one night after I'm done gaming, run updates and shut down. Come back a few days later and constant crashing again. I uninstalled the updates, rebooted (then accidentally uninstalled Feb and Jan, which may have been needed).... in the end, NO OTHER CHANGES and right away back to super stable.


Hope this helps you guys. I know there were some