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Ryzen 5 2400G + PATRIOT Viper 4 DDR4 3000MHz. Supports just 2400 RAM frequency

Question asked by watchbot on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by *sirius*


Need help to increase RAM frequency to 2933 Hz.

System config:

1. Ryzen 5 2400G

2. Motherboard ASROCK Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4.

3. PATRIOT Viper 4 DDR4 3000MHz 16GB Kit 2x8GB XMP (PV416G300C6K)


This motherboard is compatible with this RAM. Fro Raven ridge it should support 2933 freq.

But the max freq I could achieve is 2400. I've already tried to increase timings and voltage but the system stacks.

In RAM support told me that "Unfortunately, AMD has been dragging their feet with releasing updates to support higher frequency DRAM in their Ryzen platform. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to hit 3000+ MHz but we have qualified those speeds with consistency in several motherboards." .

Maybe I do something wrong? I don't want to overclock my memory but just to run it with specified freq.