EPYC 7001 OS Compatibility FAQ

Discussion created by jesse_amd Employee on Feb 26, 2018
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Which operating systems and versions are compatible with EPYC?


Below we have included a table that summarizes minimum operating systems and hypervisor requirements to support our EPYC line.


VendorVersionInitial Release
CanonicalUbuntu 16.042016-044.5
Ubuntu 17.042017-044.10
Ubuntu 17.102017-104.12
Ubuntu 18.042018-044.15
CitrixXenServer 7.12017-024.7
XenServer 7.22017-054.7.2
XenServer 7.32017-124.7
MicrosoftServer 2012 R22013-11
Server 2016*2016-10
Server 2016 CCB2017-3Q
Red HatRHEL 7.4 or greater2017-083.10
RHEL 7.5 or greater2018-043.10
SUSESLES 11 SP42015-072.6
SLES 12 SP32017-094.4
VMwarevSphere 6.5 U1 or greater2017-07
vSphere 6.72018-04


* Requires patch KB4022723 to work correctly


Which Linux mainline version do I need to use EPYC?


Base enablement for the EPYC platform is provided in Linux mainline kernel version 4.8. While this is the minimum requirement to use EPYC, we recommend using the latest kernel version to enable extended functionality.


I am on an unsupported version of an operating system or mainline kernel version, how can I enable EPYC support?


If your operating system is not on the support list, you will need to update your mainline kernel version to a supported kernel for support. We suggest you move to the most current version of your OS available for best functionality enablement.