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Black Screen When booting/Reinstalling AMD latest driver :C

Question asked by ineedhelp on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by ineedhelp

Hey everyone, i wrote this in bold to show how dang important it is.

Recently my pc has been only booting up to a black screen with no mouse and my keyboards lights turn off after the windows logo, ive tried different booting options, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, DriverEasy, and its really put me through the dang ringer here.I honestly wanted to use this as a last resort but after googling it it seems thousands of people have had this problem and different things have worked for them, but none for me...
Everything to do with pc: Gyazo - 8dfd72e4f8d6f27b8bbc7f31dd29be3f.png Gyazo - 8dfd72e4f8d6f27b8bbc7f31dd29be3f.png
Please try really hard to help me fix this, windows works when i disable/uninstall the AMD radeon driver but my resolution is messed up and I cant run games.