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    AMD Superfan VLAN - March 2nd



      It has been a whole year since Ryzen began making waves in how the world defines high-performance computing and what better way to celebrate than to get together and game?!


      Starting on March 2nd at 12pm CT/6pm GMT, we'll be on the AMD Twitch channel and the Red Team Discord playing all kinds of games for TWELVE hours! Ready your engines, because AMD Ryzen favorite, Robert Hallock, will be kicking off the event with some Rocket League!


      Want to join in the gaming and maybe get some cool swag? There's only so much time for so many people. After reading the rules below, get yourself registered by replying to this thread and filling out this form, because the first 50 people will get some Red Team swag bags and the rest will get t-shirts!


      Be sure to let us know what games you want to play & what Ryzen means to you in your replies below! If you’re not able to game, but want to hang out anyway, then hop on Twitch and Discord and join us in chat!


      This will be a Bring Your Own Game event, so make sure your favorite multiplayer titles are up to date. Even if we're not playing it on stream, you can totally get groups together with the other Ryzen Superfans!


      And, of course, there will be giveaways happening throughout the event! How does a WHOLE DESKTOP TOWER PC sound? Well, we have NINE to give, but alas, they're only available to residents in the US and Canada, minus Florida, New York, Puerto Rico, and Quebec. Please read the full rules for the giveaway to make for your best chances!


      Important Links!

      VLAN Rules

      Giveaway Rules

      AMD Twitch Channel

      AMD Red Team Discord

      Swag Info Form



      Who's On Twitch.tv/AMD
      US Central Time (CT)Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
      ROBERT HALLOCKNoon to 1pm6pm to 7pm
      PHASZR1pm to 4pm7pm to 10pm
      BEAR4pm to 6pm10pm to Midnight March 3
      DERRICKGOTT0076pm to 8pmMidnight to 2am (March 3)
      MOHOTASHI8pm to 10pm2am to 4am (March 3)
      GIRLvsDUMB10pm to Midnight4am to 6am (March 3)



      The first 50 people have been registered! As of this update, there are 7 people reminding me that I should include a line for "Forum Username" in those address forms next time, but I've reached out to them via PMs, so check them, please! We'll add to the list again soon as we get more cross-referencing done.


      1. eisegreis
      2. anubismarc
      3. bernie8001
      4. blazek
      5. ehvox
      6. b0rdin1989
      7. tcgmeta
      8. rengy
      9. warpfact0r10
      10. johnweland
      11. eazydozer
      12. rqs-devine
      13. feiling
      14. Zephiris
      15. terminalgain
      16. larrydarren
      17. am1sf1t
      18. terrybear
      19. derrickgott007
      20. jmackay
      21. torynduron
      22. neuromantis
      23. ozsiix
      24. gtagshuffle
      25. phuri
      26. peternixeus
      27. aiko
      28. benman2785
      29. narc71
      30. arcticwind
      31. faleene
      32. darkwolfca
      33. thumper
      34. jamesc359
      35. iihavetoes
      36. wuvein
      37. theo_yells
      38. carpe375
      39. zealotki11er
      40. mohotashi
      41. californicated
      42. ganstakingofsa
      43. kxuping
      44. whiskey-foxtrot
      45. madakish
      46. darkwolfca WOOPS - See below
      47. caerbannog
      48. kenyurigames


      #49 and #50 never got back to me, so I'm moving forward as if they didn't complete registration in time. As such, the two who can expect swag bags are:

      49 2.0: drg197

      50 2.0: swaccelerated


      WOOPS - darkwolfca made it in there twice because spreadsheets make me go cross-eyed. So, next on the list is mr.bunny HOORAY!


      The following list of people completed registration before the cutoff and are getting tshirts! Now, in no particular order:

      jtitatr1pw1r3mr.bunny (Swag Bag instead)antics05drmariokart


      Now, I'm only human, so if you're totally 100% sure you both commented on this post and filled out the Google Form linked above before March 1st, 2018 at 2PM Central Time, then send me a private message with a link to your comment on this post and the email address or phone number you included in the Google Form so I can validate.


      Oh, and the GIVEAWAY WINNERS!



      [EDIT 7/24/18 @ 1:48PM] Locking thread to avoid confusion with the 2nd Gen Ryzen VLAN on July 28th. - Erin

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