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    18.2.3 prevents MSI Afterburner from starting with Windows


      Today I did a clean install of the new 18.2.3 Adrenalin driver and i have noticed that with this driver version MSI Afterburner is not launching at the Windows startup anymore , despite the fact that the app is set to . After seeing this , i switched back to 18.2.2 to make sure if the driver is faulty or not , and surprisingly or not , with 18.2.2 Afterburner is launching at the Windows startup without any problems.

      I tried to do a 2nd clean install of the new 18.2.3 driver , but the issue remained the same .

      It'll be highly appreciated if someone can test and confirm this issue .


      Note: I even reinstalled the app (MSI Afterburner) but the issue is still there with 18.2.3 , so i concluded that it is the driver's fault , not the app's .


      PC Specs :

      i7 6700 @3.40GHz

      Gigabyte H110M S2H rev 1.0 (F25a bios)

      16GB DDR4 2133MHz

      RX 480 8GB

      Driver Adrenalin 18.2.3 (clean installed)

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Build 16299)


      Edit #1 : I forgot to mention that i am using the MSI Afterburner 4.4.2 Stable/Final version

      Edit #2 : The issue was solved with the help of elstaci and kingfish . All i had to do was to create a new task schedule for Afterburner , using the Window's Task Scheduler

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          No problem here, MSI Afterburner starts as usual.

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            never mentioned the MSI Afterburner version you have installed.

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              Dont use 3rd party sites like afterburner with AMD radeon settings it conflicts it everytime. use the standard Radeon software all you need + more & you got way more control Afterburner is only good if you got a crapper card from nvidia. Lesson learnt from some 1 who use to use afterburner dont bother with using with the AMD cards since new drivers as the Adrenaline & latest drivers from AMD are to counter & eliminate needing the use of 3rd party software. I can do all i need & more with the Radeon software compare to afterburner. As well afterburner will from conflicts & issues.

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                want problems use 3rd party OC software for AMD cards. Best advise use the proper software that AMD or you card maker provides wont cause conflicts. Simple solution if running win 10 with afterburner with AMD drivers Afterburner will always conflict issues with wattman even not activated. Want to solve issues run the best driver of the AMD drivers you like & tune to suit. I wont be using afterburner ever since AMD software is good from the get go. A lot comes down to the interface & learning to use it properly. Want issues use 3rd party software be warned tho will cause issues cause conflicts. read the disclaimers when installing software when doing driver updates its in full details. So before giving the driver team grief its known issue & not going to be fixed as you people wanna run 3rd party programs that are not designed to suit the driver software AMD release. All in the small print.

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                  you havnt gone in depth with wattman properly yet to be using afterburner. Not being mean or nasty here but wattman is way superior. Tho i done bother OC my cards as they done actually need much off a buff. Wattmans improved over the last few updates just takes a bit of trial by error testing to get it working properly. I will do a few Relive videos of wattman when i get half an hr or 2. I been busy with my daughter & things & just fixed a couple issues i have had with the updates on drivers with my cards. Havnt done a proper full test thi i will be to show how wattman used properly works & works as good or better. Once my system runs stable for another day or 2 i will do a few videos & post them. I am going to do an in depth guide for people who run into issues. There alot of hidden features in the Radeon software that beats Afterburner. Only time i will use Afterburner is for an older build on Nvidia cards if i am going to do a quick sale or a quick repair. Tho once i get a few hrs & make sure all my issues & hardware is where it should be going to do a few to help. Another idea maybe if running into issues would be over riding the Radeon software so Afterburner takes control & tweak you setting to suit in your windows parameters. As windows has been causing some issues with afterburner latest updates to.

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                      I mainly use Afterburner for :

                      -Minimalist interface with useful interface tooltips about what each setting is doing

                      -Monitoring for : each core of the CPU (usage/temperature/frequency) , the entire's CPU power usage , GPU (usage/temperature/power usage/voltages)  ,  RAM usage and PSU voltages , all of these with graphs and min/max values ; + 100ms hardware pooling period & unified GPU usage monitoring for better accuracy


                      -Custom fan curves with percentage based fan speed , fan update period control in milliseconds ; +temperature hysteresis to remove unwanted fan fluctuations

                      -Highly customizable OSD when using Afterburner + RivaTuner that is letting me to see some statistics (which are updated at a 100ms interval) , when gaming , about : framerate , frametimes , cpu usage , cpu temp , cpu frequency , cpu power usage , gpu usage , gpu temperature , gpu power usage , gpu voltages , ram usage , psu voltages , and Afterburner even allows you to display the system time on the OSD

                      -Taking PNG (lossless) screenshots inside a game

                      -Doing Benchmarks

                      -Recording gameplay footage



                      Wattman + Performance Metrics are only providing me 1/3 of the useful features of Afterburner (+Rivatuner for OSD) , and since i didn't encountered any conflict between these 3rd party apps and AMD's drivers , i am not planning to remove them any soon.


                      Conclusion : If you are just trying to convince me to give up on Afterburner , you'd be better wasting your time with anyone else.
                                            All of these being said , please stop writing off-topic comments

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                      cool good to see a good outcome out of this. Ideas are great good to see our community doing its job to help not like other communities which bring alot of hate & resentment. Once i get my stuff sorted going do some community help walkthroughs on Relive & maybe a troubleshoter to help any1 new or weird questions or things that can occur happen. Going do my stepsons soon with a R7360 2G i scored which i ran up the other night to eliminate any niggling issues i had my end. I will be doing a few runs & posting to suit older build hardware & newer to get an unbias run to give help as things i find along the way to help.