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ATI Radeon HD 4600 Not working in Windows 10.

Question asked by deeprathod on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by goodplay

Hello beautiful people,


I have Dell Precision T3500 in which it has got 1 GB Graphic Card of  ATI Radeon HD 4600. It contains the OS as Windows 10 (64 Bit), it works completely fine in 1600x1200 without cutting the display. my monitor is Dell S2218H (22 Inch)




- Its not working in 1920x1080. (It shows blank space in each side)

- Its not working in Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) and Windows 7  (32 Bit)


Does anybody know the work around for this, as AMD not released any compatible drivers for windows 10 i guess.


Thanks In Advance.