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Dual monitors only work with Crossfire turned off

Question asked by maatouk21 on Jan 27, 2018
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Hello, I have crossfired R7 300 cards, 4 gb each. They are the exact same model, I bought them at the exact same time. They have worked crossfired for about 2 years. I have one monitor plugged into HDMI on one card and another monitor plugged into the other HDMI port on the other card. The monitors are the exact same monitor as well and using the exact same cable. After the recent update on Win10 (Home 64bit), my second monitor wasn't working. I could not system restore as I got an error saying it could not roll back the update. I updated the drivers to the highest recommended by the tool from the AMD website and am now running Crimson 17.X.X. When I turn the Crossfire option off in the dashboard, both monitors power on, but I am only getting use out of 4 gb of GPU (one of the cards). When I enable Crossfire, the second monitor goes off, but Crimson shows the second graphics card as linked. Is there something I am missing to keep Crossfire enabled and have one monitor plugged into each card as I have had consistently for the last two years?