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Found a work around the dx9 driver issue since the Andrenaline update.

Question asked by plumboby on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by amdmatt

Hey guys new member new AMD graphics card user. Theres a lot of abuse about the new Adrenaline update throwing out dx9 titles making AMD look bad. Its a bug in the system fortunately i havnt struck the issue as i downloaded free clean drivers as i installed the new card & done a full registry & hard drive clean of any errors or mis matched drivers from previous videocard. The simplist solution which works which this effects some people not all is I use CC Cleaner for cleaning excess crap off my system & run the registry cleaner to clear up any errors reseting to defult  before i install any new drivers or updates with anything i install highly recommended with a virus scan as well. After i install the AMD drivers i done a cc clean on the registry to clean any buggy or error files before that cause an issue. Most issues are arising is from the update from previous drivers to the new updated 1's its annoying it does happen tho there is a bug there thats effecting some not all & not previous drivers. Quickest work around i have found from a modder m8 which i suggested & he's done was a full dig into the driver directory for the AMD drivers in the Adrenaline batch. Go threw the old game driver files & copy & past all the older files from the previous update file to the new 1. Whats been found in some that a bug has either over written or wiped the dx9 files due to OS update cycle or because of update has duplicated or wiped assoiated files to run the game. Takes a bit of digging but if your technically minded a few vids on U Tube of diffrent errors due to corrupt files from updates. Fortunate i havnt had the issue as i done a clean install with a brand new video card & done a full clean up before even trying, coz of the rumors & some trolling on the forums by nvidia users abusing the AMD forums about the issue. Atm there are alot of nvidia users & trolls working for nvidia trolling trying to ruin the devs atm with bug fixing. The comment about AMD not holding up to fixing the dx9 issue was because of a nvidia user on a trolling account doing exactly what nvidia wanted to upset people to buy the over priced garbage nvidia sell. Am new to AMD but hope this info might be able to help. Right now i been abusing the nvidia idiots coz of the bias opinions & conspiracies that nvidia is pushing to ruin AMD name. AMD is working on a solution atm & there are a few work arounds if things get desperate use GOG galaxy & import your games from steam threw. Some of this bug has come from the steam interface as well which hasnt been fixed yet as Nvidia is bribing Steam with all this $ to push AMD out. I downloaded a game threw steam just today with heaps of nvidia driver been pumped into it. If in doubt do a validation in steam of all games you wanna play before trying to play. This is a bug that been for seen so be patient. I do alot of testing & always open minded with learning dont blame AMD trust me this is only a minor issue in the bigger part of the equation.