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Official AMD FreeSync 101 PLEASE!

Question asked by himuton on Jan 2, 2018
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Enhanced Sync is overrated | guru3D Forums


I'm the OP of the above Guru3D forum thread.


Long story short, "FreeSync on + (in-game) V-Sync on" is thought to be the preferred way to handle the "FPS > Refresh Rate" scenario based on AMD Robert and AMD Matt's posts.





Nevertheless, I encountered strong disagreement from a peer when I promoted that. He or she used block letters to shout at me:


"For the billionth time: The optimal way to use G-Sync / FreeSync, and it has been this way since the start, is to turn V-Sync ON preferably in driver, then cap your framerate 3FPS below your refresh rate with in-game framerate limiter or RTSS. Any OTHER combination of settings will either introduce, some or all of the time:

1) V-Sync ON latency (close) @ FPS = refresh rate
2) V-Sync OFF tearing & stutter @ FPS >= refresh rate
3) Triple Buffering jitter @ FPS > refresh rate

We have tested and confirmed these results. If you have a G-Sync / FreeSync monitor, you can do exactly the same. It's not rocket science. Try the settings and see for yourself."


Here's the "cold, hard evidence from BlurBusters" he or she believed also dictates FreeSync:


G-SYNC 101: Optimal G-SYNC Settings & Conclusion:


Would AMD mind validating whether the BlurBusters research on G-Sync holds truth for FreeSync?


Would AMD kindly publish an official FreeSync 101 Guide (article or video) to clarify confusion and bring things back to order?