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    Issues with older DX9 Titles


      R9 290 @ stock

      R5 1600x @ stock

      Windows 10 64 bit - up to date

      Latest adrenaline driver 17.12.1


      Got a issue with multiple games.

      Command and conquer doesn't seem to launch as it used to be able in previous driver versions.

      Lord of the rings the battle of middle earth 1&2 one of my favorite games don't launch either while i was previously.

      I am doing something wrong? Are there new settings I'm missing?


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          I heard a report of this on TechPowerUp!  Also heard AMD doesn't feel they need to fix it because the games are so old.  I'm unclear whether disabling the intergrated OSD is a workaround.  Having been an AMD since 8500 I can't support this decision to not fix this bug or at least provide a workaround without having to keep an old driver as backup.

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            You're not doing anything wrong, nor are you overlooking any new settings.


            It would seem that RTG has determined that these titles, at least for the time being, will no longer be supported.

            Adrenalin driver breaks Command & Conquer games


            You can either:

            1.) Roll-back to Crimson 17.11.4 (or earlier), and continue to enjoy your games.


            2.) Stick with the Adrenalin driver and don't look back.


            I suppose a third alternative would be to use some other graphic solution for your needs.

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                I don't think we should accept them removing support for all these "older" games. Its ridiculous.

                In console terms its only last gen titles, its not like we are asking for support for Interstate 76.

                One of the positives with PC gaming is you can still play older games.

                The forums are full with complaints with the new drivers.

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                same here with MINI NINJAS ON STEAM.

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                  Giving up on supporting these titles is not the AMD way. Don't go that way!


                  I still own them and honestly want to play them.

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                    Just you wait, soon ray_m will lock this thread with no answer or reason given.


                    It's a new day for AMD. They no longer care for DX9 games or us.

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                      they arnt broken. a lot of dx 9 titles were broken with windows 10. I hvnt had issues running dx9 titles tho i use GOG to lauch my games atm that are dx9. Something i found tho cpu & gpu dependent games threw steam have been iffy with all driver releases btween blue,red & green camps. in last month or 2 adrenaline drivers been prety good ex nvidia user here & not looking back.

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                        Same here with The Witcher. I have R9 Fury X, 17.12.2, Windows 10 Pro 1709 build. I don't know what is happening with RTG last months really. The situation is so stupid. Well, maybe they don't care, maybe they want of us to buy GeForce to play good old games who we all love...


                        Yeah, go buy RX Vega now... Yeaahhh...hmmm, no !

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                            Everybody relax--I thank Ray_M just put his foot in his mouth, imo--I don't think he meant to say what he said, exactly...;)  AMD actively supports 30-year old games (I have plenty of them), and the Witcher isn't even ten years old as CDPR improved the game for several *years* after it launched.  No, I think it's merely a driver bug and may have something to do with the overlay.  Best thing AMD can do about that overlay is include a turn-off switch so that we can turn it off in the drivers if we don't want it.  I've already rolled back to the 17.11.4's, which you should do, too, if these older few games mean something to you.  Witcher EE for me is collector's item--a milestone in computer gaming--and I intend to keep it around just like all of my 20-30 year old games, too.  Backwards compatibility is the lifeblood of computerdom, imo--just ask Microsoft...;)

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                            Hello, everyone. Though I'm not using AMD for last 10 years, I'm here because I respect old games, and always look closely to the situation where their rights are violated Wish AMD will move their brains and fix the issue. And then think twice before ruining digital art like games, cause they are art, not just piece of software which can be replaced.



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                              This is not acceptable. You can't break Software just because it is "old". There is no more recent version of, or replacement for these games.

                              If this is not fixed, my next card won't be an AMD.

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                                Totally agree with everyone that is upset about the current situation. DX9 games are still relevant today they are still being sold in online stores like Steam and Origins. Most of the top games are DX9 these days. I honestly think we have to let them know that this would not be tolerated, if this driver update has broken Command and Conquer, the Witcher and  god knows what else, whats stopping them with breaking other games like Burnout, Modern Warfare, Max Payne 3,Alan Wake, Anno 2070, Bioshock, Dirt 2, Crysis, GTA4  etc etc.


                                Dropping support for DX9 essential mean dropping support for a large backlog of games which are still modern and being played online today.

                                And what about DX10 games?????? Whats stopping AMD to drop support for those? #Mantle #BF4 and i am not going to get started why i purchased a R9 280x over the Nvidia equivalent at the time.


                                These are the questions we have to ask our selves. Jeez even Microsoft is pushing out backwards compatibility to allow there customers to play ORIGINAL XBOX GAMES on the Xbox One. How old are these original Xbox Games?


                                I don't know about you guys but i am going to spread this info as much as i can even after selling my RX580. This is totally disgusting. I would really like a reply from ray_m about this current situation us the customers deserve to know whats going on

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                                  Please continue the discussion here : Adrenalin driver breaks Command & Conquer games