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RX Vega 64 Black Screen Bug - Windows 10

Question asked by dstmnd89x on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by hqjatu

This sort of stems from my previous thread, though is much more conclusive as I've confirmed a few things.


Basically, I have a reference Vega 64 that works fine on 2 Windows 10 machines, but not on another. I suspect that there may be a bug that exists between AMD drivers and a more recent Windows 10 update but I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause. The problem occurs as the card starts to render 3D but I've also had it happen by simply watching videos on YouTube. The screen goes black and then a few seconds later the GPU fan spins down and the entire system locks up, prompting a hard restart. Not good.


This happens whether I am overclocking or not, doesn't matter which game, is present with benching software and I've just recently updated my motherboard's BIOS. Still occurs. Here's the rest of the specs:


AMD Ryzen 1700

ASRock X370 Professional Gaming

G.Skill FlareX DDR4 3200

Seasonic X-850 PSU

Windows 10 Pro


Now, I've tried a Polaris card in the above system also and it works just fine, so the problem is specific to the Vega card, but not with application or driver version or card settings (I've played around with all of it at this point). I was going to RMA the card at first but the fact that the card works fine in two other machines has deterred me from doing so. Here's my other Ryzen computer in which the Vega 64 works absolutely fine, no matter how hard I hammer on it; never crashes.


AMD Ryzen 1500X

MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic

Corsair Dominator DDR4 3200

Corsair RMX 850 PSU

Windows 10 Pro


I can also run 3D benchmark software on this machine as much as I want and not worry at all about potential issues. The Vega card also runs fine in another system with Slightly older Intel Haswell hardware and a Z87 based motherboard. No issues on that configuration either but no matter what it crashes on the X370 board, while Polaris does not.


I am thinking of doing a fresh install of Windows 10 to rule out any OS update-related bugs, but I've been holding off mainly because I don't have the time to do so at the moment. Can anyone suggest something to try? Event viewer doesn't really show much in terms of actual root causes but it does say that the AMD driver crashed but then recovered.