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      Ok. So it's been over 1 year since i built this pc and my RX 480 gigabyte 4gb is still making fun of me. It's not a cheap video card. It's not that cheap in order to be able to work less than 5 minutes in EVERY SINGLE GAME. Crashing without any error ( excepting the wattman default settings)



      What i tried so far :

      changed settings in wattman - fan speed, power limit, frequency

      Used MSI afterburner to change the settings( 0 effect so i deleted it)

      I reinstallet like 20-25 times the drivers ( not joking, it's been 1 year ). no driver package has been able to solve my problem



      Sometimes setting up the power limit up to 50% and incresing the fan speed gave me some extra minutes of gameplay, crashing in the end anyway though.


      I searched all over the internet for a solution to this problem which many AMD RX 480 users encountered. I really do appreciate if someone can help me with this problem, thanks !

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          What is the make and model of your PSU, CPU, and motherboard?

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              PSU : Seasonic 520W atx 12V 80 plus bronze

              Motherboard : ASRock B150A-X1 Super Alloy

              CPU : intel core i3-6100 3,7 ghz.

              RAM : 8 gb hyperx fury



              EDIT : OS: Win 10

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                  If you can, see if you can see the PSU outputs are within range during game play also Temperatures for the GPU and CPU.

                  You have the minimum required PSU wattage in total system wattage using a RX 480 which is 500 watt PSU. This is a useful link that shows the minimum PSU wattage needed to run various GPU cards: PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX


                  Your PSU is probably sufficient so it most likely is something else.


                  Also when you mention the computer "crashing without error" in all games what do you exactly mean? BSOD, error messages, Games closes to desktop for no reason, etc.

                  I don't know if updating the Intel software would help you with your issues. but it came out on 12/2017. Here is a copy from that page. Make sure it is the same MoBo that you have.:






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                  Intel12/6/2017Windows® 10 64bit3.56MBIntel Management Engine driver ver:





                  This an explanation of what the Intel Management Engine Driver does from Wikipedia:

                  The Intel Management Engine (ME), also known as the Manageability Engine,[1][2] is an autonomous subsystem that has been incorporated in virtually all of Intel's processor chipsets since 2008.[3][4][1] The subsystem primarily consists of proprietary firmware running on a separate microprocessor that performs tasks during boot-up, while the computer is running, and while it is asleep.[5] As long as the chipset or SoC is connected to current (via battery or power supply), it continues to run even when the system is turned off.[6] Intel claims the ME is required to provide full performance.[7] Its exact workings[8] are largely undocumented[9] and its code is obfuscated using confidential huffman tables stored directly in hardware, so the firmware does not contain the information necessary to decode its contents.[10] Intel's main competitor AMD has incorporated the equivalent AMD Secure Technology (formally called Platform Security Processor) in virtually all of its post-2013 CPUs.[11]


                  You can download the Intel driver by clinking on one of the download countries.


                  Updating this software will improve your computer performance and possibly help solve your problem.



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                    At this point I would just reinstall the OS from scratch.

                    Option B would be try the vidcard in a different computer.

                    Option C: get the vidcard replaced on warranty, but I would try the other two first just in case.

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                        I had some suspicions  too about the OS. I'm gonna try that asap and return with my result

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                            I would hold off on doing that very annoying step until you upgrade the Intel Management Engine Driver from 12/2017. As soon as my reply is given approval by the moderators you will have all the information need to download it from the post. That driver affects the overall Performance of the computer.


                            If you do decide to reinstall the OS, make a System Image first using Windows 10 version of Windows 7 backup. That way if the problem continues you can restore your computer back exactly the way it was when you did the System Image.


                            My gut feelings is that it isn't a corrupt Windows OS since it happens only during game play. You can always run SFC /scannow to check if there is any OS corruption. By your post it sounds like it may be a hardware problem or incompatible software.


                            I guess there is no harm in reinstalling the OS. To me it is just a big pain in the neck since I have a huge amount of legacy programs and new programs that I would need to reinstall.

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                      This OP just started a new thread with a rx 5xx series GPU card. Same exact problem you are having with games crashing. Stable drivers for RX 500 series? (RX 550: my expierence)  In his question he did mention some old AMD drivers that did work without crashing.

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                        This probably wont help, but maybe it will, it did for me on Star Citizen, the only game that's has crashed my card, but maybe the games you are playing have a similar issue? In the Gaming section and then global settings, select the Tessellation mode and choose override, and then set the maximum level to OFF.

                        Probably wont help, but I guess its worth a shot.


                        Also on my RX480 if I go  +20 on the power which is the max on my card, it will crash all the time.

                        Ive settled for +10-15 and have made sure my memory is not overclocked in wattman.

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                          A possible fix. You need a clean install of 17.11.1 drivers.

                          Create a profile of games that cause you problems. in Wattman options:

                          -Turn GPU and Memory clock frequencys in Dynamic

                          -Turn voltage control in Manual

                          -Energy limit in +50% or -20% (try with both)

                          In profile options turn GPU scaling in complete panel and enable the game profile