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17.12.1 and 17.12.2 trigger shutdown my PC(HIS) R7 250x, any better driver after 17.4 for R7 250x ?

Question asked by blipblipsign on Dec 27, 2017

Pardon me for my English. (#bad)


Yesterday i am updating my R7 250x driver from 17.1 to 17.12.2 ------> Then, i play League and fortnite the driver trigger ... shutdown my Monitor - all keyboard off, even restart my PC between 3-10 minutes in game .  So i try to clean uninstall using DDU (safe mode) , installing 17.12.1 . Testing again in same both of that games,  issues remain occurred . Resolution 2x mess up after game closed etc. (1920 x 1080 -> become half, + limit size, left black side and right black side ) - BenQ E2420HD -

( its happen 1 day ,testing solution :  i update windows , ram check , CPU check , defrag HDD ) no problem , i conclude due to VGA 17.12 driver.


Best part of this  driver 17.12.2 and 17.12.1 is that my CPU in best shape (temperature and usage in game) compare 17.1 (old)  . (sad)


Search solution - result :

by ijubinko :

"After yesterday all day testing with different drivers in flatout 4 total insanity i found newest crimson 17.4.1 is best and stable driver for my r7 250 give me 35~45fps sometimes fps jump to 50 at 1366x768 resolution, on older drivers 15.7, 15.7.1, 14.9 and others give me 17~25fps win win for 17.4.1 driver. "


Thanks ijubinko. I use it now : (17.4.1  -April '07) , and i play league and fortnite without restart and shutdown issues.


I knew rarely people have this old card . Any latest driver working good in yours (R7 250x ) after 17.4.1 ? let me know . Thanks


My PC :

Windows10  64bit

AMD phenom II X4 965 BE , 3.4Ghz


HIS R7 250x 1Gb