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    AMD OpenGl lack of support & proper drivers


      I recently switched to Vega 64 and left the NVidia camp... and....



      What a mistake that was.


      Amd's drivers are a complete and total joke! I heard the rumors, and thought they were exaggerated. They weren't. AMD's opengl support is years behind! Blows my mind how an open source group like Linux's Mesa drivers are 30x's better than AMD's Windows drivers.....



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          I agree. And there is no good answer to why this is.

          Perhaps ray_m have something clever to say?

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            Agreed . I personally can't wait for Nvidia to launch a new series of gpus so i can join the green team .

            I recently had tons of problems with the AMD drivers , which made me to totally agree with my friends that said : "don't buy an AMD graphics card , they are sabotaging their own products with horrible drivers"


            Issues that i experienced with AMD drivers:

            -In radeon settings you can't force vertical sync , even though you choose always on , that option isn't doing anything (an old issue that AMD never addressed)

            -Freesync is not working properly on HDMI , aka screen tearing inside the freesync range , while on DisplayPort it works as intended (again , an old issue that AMD never addressed)

            -Overwatch crashes since July , and after 6 freaking months they finally fixed it

            -ROTTR crashes since October , and they still didn't fixed the issue

            -Rainbow six siege crashes since October , finally in december they fixed the issue

            -The "Radeon Settings" app tends to crash after reseting the settings

            -Enhanced Sync is making the borderless gaming impossible (heavy stuttering)

            -Enhanced Sync is making MPC-HC unusable (heavy stuttering)
            -Enhanced Sync + Radeon Overlay is making the games to stutter (mild stuttering)

            -With an rx 460 league of legends is crashing since july and they never adressed the issue ("display driver has stopped responding and has recovered")

            +many many other issues


            I totally regret buying an RX 480 and an RX 460 from AMD , and these are gonna be my last AMD graphics cards ! It's a shame how they have good products but horrible support for them.

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              Just FYI Microsoft now regards OpenGL as a deprecated API (scroll down to find the list).