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enable 1920x1080 en ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 (Lenovo W500 + Win8.1)

Question asked by pgrnd on Dec 25, 2017

I use a "ghost" second screen and TeamViewer to be able to have a Windows10 Tablet as second screen. All goes well except available resolutions are set maximun to 1600x1200. It detect the VGA card as a SyncMaster


Tried Catalist Pro Controls Center, and under "My VGA Display" it says to Maximun reported resolution 1920x1080 by default, and under Monitor attributes, up to 2048x1536 is available, 1920x1080 is indeed one of the available.

Whenever I change down/up the Maximun resolution under Monitor attributes, it limit the available options for resolution on Control Panels, but always few sets bellow the chosen one, and never 1920x1080


Tested CRU:

Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)

din't come to make it work and make 1920x1080 apear


Tried finding Radeon Custom Resolution Manager

but no downloable founf


Tried DALNonStandardModesBCD on REGEDIT:

but could't make it work,

nevertheless, on my system only four lines apear, and not the 6 to 8 resolutions available on ControlPanel (1024x768 to 1600x1200)


Tried also Ati Custom REsolutions Tool

Morrisoft ATi Custom Resolution Tool | Morrisoft

can detect the card as ATI



What else could I do ??




Some more tecnicalities about my PC :

SyncMaster T220HD(Analog)




          MaxResolution : 1680,1050

          SubKeys : only MODES -> 1680,1050

          -> changed up to 1920x1080, din't work



          $!MaxResolution ; 1600,1200

          -> same the same


Actual Resolutions available in ControlPanel













          08 00 04 80 00 00 00 60   .......`

          10 24 06 00 00 00 00 60   .$.....`

          12 80 07 68 00 00 00 60   ...h...`

          14 00 10 50 00 00 00 60   ...P...`