AMD driver 17.12 Relive does not produce an audio track

Discussion created by disi on Dec 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by disi

I had this a few times now, where I am ingame record some gameplay together with a Logitech wireless headset and Relive does not record an audio track at all but only the AVC video track.

AMD Vega 64, Realtek Soundcard with Logitech wireles headset.


It is hard to describe and reproduce, there is no indicator if it does not or does record audio. This only started with the new driver.


I can record several videos which are fine and suddenly the next one has no audio.

Once the bug hits, it stays for all further recordings until I reboot the machine.


p.s. now writing this, I also installed a virtual line in cable driver for audio recently to be able to play audio files as input to the system. But this does not explain why no audio track is recorded at all. Shouldn't it at least produce some empty sound track?


The two attached videos were both recorded the same day.