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GPU Usage stays at 100% with driver 17.12.1 & 17.12.2

Question asked by berndh on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by gam3rk1d98

I have a Sapphire RX480 , Windows 10 64bit with latest updates

After the new Driver 17.12.1 ( and also 17.12.2) i recognized that my GPU Usage stays at 100% sometimes ,

GPU Clock also stays at full speed, only RAM Clock goes to Idle at 300Mhz .


It happens not all the time, so i was checking constantly when the Problem occurs.

I found out, that it happens always after watching a Youtube Video(Firefox 57.0.2 64bit), when i start a Video, GPU Usage(Activity) and GPU Clock goes up to 100% , and stays there even when i close the Video after a short Time, only RAM goes back from 2000 to 300 MHZ.

When i Reset the Driver or "Log off and in" Windows everything is working normal again


I want to know is this a Problem from AMD or Youtube(or Firefox)?

Or maybe only on my PC, are there others which have the same Problem?