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    Pro evolution soccer 2018 low fps




      After updating the graphic driver to 17.12.1 ( same thing happens also with 17.12.2) the game has very low fps and is hardly playable on 1920x1080 .I had no problems with older drivers to play in with all graphic details on max setting. However, the game is playing normally with new drivers but only in windowed mode. Problems start in full screen mode.


      My system info


      OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
      Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
      System Type x64-based PC
      Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

      Graphic card Power color rx 470 4 gb

      8 gb ram


      Best regards,

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          Same here, I'm pretty sure this is an AMD drivers issue. The only workaround at the moment is to use Borderless Gaming which you can find here: Borderless Gaming download | SourceForge.net



          - Windows 10 (v 1709)

          - Ryzen 1600
          - RX 580
          - 16 GB RAM
          - AMD Drivers v 17.12.2

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            I changed anti-aliasing method to adaptive multisampling (in radeon setting ) and slowdowns disappeared.Game is working perfectly now.

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              17.12.1 using a HD7800 series card, the framerate  will get stuck at 26 in fullscreen mode. Changing to adaptive multisampling in radeon settings will increase fps only to 30, but not to 60. The game runs perfectly fine in windowed mode - 60 fps.


              Noteworthy: The Pes18 demo on steam has not this issue. It runs @ 60fps in fullscreen mode. However the Pes18 lite version on steam (free to play version) does.


              Would be cool if anyone at AMD could take a look at Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 performance issue.

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                Here is what I noticed:


                PES18 Steam Demo           - No problem in fullscreen mode with new drivers (or any driver version)

                PES18 Lite (free to play)     - fullscreen stuck at 26fps when using newer AMD driver. OLDER driver like 17.1.1 works fine in fullscreen.


                Workarounds like "adaptive multisampling" and "advanced sync" in radeon settings didn't help.

                Seems like GNC1.0 users like RX 270(X) and HD7870 can't fix this issue with these workarounds.


                Any ideas?

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                  Hello guys



                  I solved the bug of 25 fps on pes2018 lite on Windows10, at least for me.

                  When pes2018 opens a small window of steam will appearing, saying that the game will be started, quickly click on the desktop, the game will open at 60 fps.

                  What I realized, when you click on the desktop, it stays in the foreground.

                  And the game in the background, the game opened as if it were "window mode".

                  When the game is opened this way, is a border on the left side and top of the screen on my monitor, making the game open as if it were "window mode", when you click within the game these borders disappear making the game to the foreground.



                  Drive: 18.4.1

                  Windows 10 1709


                  Package: 4.01



                  Sorry for my English, I am using a translator

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                      Thank you felipe, that actually did the trick !!

                      I had to click and hold the left mouse button on desktop until the game starts. What a weird bug.


                      Anyway, I think AMD should at least list this bug under the "known issues" section, inside the new drivers release note. This bug prevented me from buying the game and it seems like it will never get a proper fix, which is a bummer since the football world cup is about to start.

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