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RX 580 crashing issues in 17.12.1

Question asked by kero on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by pokester

So after buying myself a new PC - which I'll link here -, I noticed its frequent crashing in Overwatch. After waiting for a fix as I learned that this was a driver bug, my hopes were presumably met when I looked at the most recent version of both the Overwatch patch notes and the most recent driver at the time of writing this, 17.12.1. This, however, wasn't the case as I was still sometimes met with crashes and even the blue screen of death once in a while. This issue wouldn't go away until I manually set the last 5 power states in Wattman to 1410. I could still get crashes in Overwatch and it's not only hampering my experience of the game, but also making me want to swap out my RX 580 for a Nvidia card. Any advice?





Also, Overwatch is the only game where I have issues, and I can confirm that my other components are working properly.