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Asus K550IU problem

Question asked by kingyii97 on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by amdangster

Hello everyone,

I had bought a laptop recently Asus K550IU. This laptop had one major problem with the graphic card. The Radeon Software that came with this computer is 16.6.6. I tried several times to update it to 17.11.1 , 17.11.2 and0 17.12.1 version. However, the laptop shows code 43 in the device manager. When I tried to click the Radeon Settings, it popped up with 'No AMD graphic card install.' I had searched through all the forum and contacted AMD and Asus for this issue. Below are the few things that i tried :

1. Reset my pc : failed

2. Clean uninstall with DDU : failed

3. Disable intergrated R7 graphic card in BIOS : No chipset option in the BIOS

I disable all my graphic driver before I install any of the graphic driver but it seems like only 17.4.3 works on this laptop. Furthermore, AMD claimed that Radeon Additional Settings officially retired in the 17.7.2 version and the switchable graphic card option can be found in Radeon Settings. I had exchange another same laptop from the seller and the problem still exists. Is Asus or AMD should be responsible for this?


Below are my laptop specifications

1. Processor : AMD Quad Core FX9830P up to 3.70GHz

2. RAM : 8GB

3. OS : Windows 10 64bit

4. Graphic card : Intergrated R7 graphic card and RX460 (Polaris 11) 4GB

5. Current Radeon Software version : 17.4.3


This is the first time I am using AMD processor and graphic card. I am really frustrated to playing Dota 2 with medium settings only. Please anyone help me to fix this laptop.