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Ryzen 1800x Temperature fluctuating

Question asked by jamiem on Dec 9, 2017
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Im having an issue with my Ryzen 1800x fluctuating in temps every few second with no CPU load. The temp rise and fall is about 8-10C .

I'm running the latest drivers and AGESA. I think I've tried everything from setting a constant voltage on the bios to unplugging blutooth

transmitters as one person posted might be the issue. Here's my current hardware


MSI X370 Xpower Titanium

Ryzen 1800x


32GB G.skill ram

Custom water cooling loop with 2 radiators 1 pump

6 Corsair Maglev fans

512GB M.2


Here's a link to my Youtube video showing the problem using cam monitoring software.

Ryzen 1800x temperature fluctuating issue. - YouTube


If anyone has a solution to fix this please chime in.