Freesync causes monitor to black out few seconds

Discussion created by kalikoo-jack on Dec 8, 2017
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My screen goes black every now and then, when playing games with freesync. Usually it only happens when im in menus and not in actual gameplay. Blackouts lasts for 2-3 second and then screen goes back to normal. It looks like the same when you switch resolution and monitor has to make adjustments and goes black for 2 seconds, but it is happening annoyingly often.


Found some video on youtube that seems to be exactly the same problem:



My monitor usually does this less frequently, but it can bee like that sometimes. Problems go away when I turn off freesync.


It has been around since i got my monitor, but few days ago there was some big windows update, that made things a lot worse. Now navigating through menus in game are almost impossible as screen constantly goes black and back. Taking Freesync off fixes the problem, so I have to be without freesync now.


I have up to date graphic drivers, switced Displayport cables (certified cables, yes), tried different computer (that has same model graphic card), but it wont help.

I have also tried some other tips i found on internet, such as color dept 6 bpc, lower framerates, compatibily modes, changing video settings from AMD settings or in game...  windowed mode actually worked, but i read that it actually takes freesync off...


My setup:

Monitor: Acer XG270HU

Graphic card: AMD RX480

CPU: i5-3570K


Im playing 1440P @144hz. Temperatures are not issue, and games never crash when blackouts occur.

The problem is gotta be somewhere in graphic card, drivers, Displayport, Monitor or Windows. Some part there cant handle freesync properly I think.


I found some threads here and elsewere but not any good solutions, and didnt want to necro existing threads so...

Has anyone any solutions/workarounds/ideas?