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    Old motherboard will dx12 graphics cards be compatible?


      Hi there,


      I have a old motherboard from 2009 Sapphire PURE CrossFireX 790GX amd2 its pci express and supportS CrossFireX, I had originally 2 sapphire vapour x 4890 1gb each installed before but sadly both these cards have finally gave up, I’m now looking to purchase a new card for my system but I’m unsure if the new directx cards will be compatible with board, old cards were dx10, could someone help me please.

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          to run dx12, you only need gpu that supports it and win10 and of course a motherboard with pci-express 2.0 or 3.0


          your HD 4000 series it has support for 10.1 dx so you cant play dx11 and dx12 games.


          exemples: despite the gpu compatible


          WinXP can run games dx9 and below (OS not supported from MS and AMD)

          WinVista can run games dx10 and below (OS not supported from MS and AMD)

          Win7 can run games dx11 and below (OS supported)

          Win8/8.1 can run games dx11 and below (OS supported from MS not from AMD)

          Win10 can run games dx12 and below (OS supported)


          and for the graphic card, every graphic card that AMD supports on Win10 it has dx12 (if it has drivers, is a supported product)

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              Thanks for the reply hotrith,

              just to be clear then my motherboard has pci-express 2.0 ,if I upgrade my Os to windows 10 and purchase a new card will this dx12 work? Or are you saying no matter what I do my motherboard dx 10.1 is the highest version it will support, Give it to me in lay mans terms please

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                  yes, a new graphic card with windows 10 it runs on dx12, but there is other problem.


                  As black_zion  said the motherboard it needs to have UEFI to run a new graphic card, or you buy a other motherboard or replace everything, but you can test for yourseft, buy the graphic card first and if not works you buy a cheap motherboard with UEFI capable to run your cpu... and dont think of putting something like a vega gpu on that you going to lose more that you gonna earn

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                      Sorry, I must partially disagree that, what black_zion  has written.


                      I have a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 8GB Limited Edition working on a ASUS P5QL/EPU mainboard from the year 2008-2009 without UEFI.

                      Runs without problems under Windows 10. You cannot exhaust the full power (for gaming) of this card with this configuration (Slow PCIe bus speed,

                      slow RAM, slow CPU, etc.) . The games (Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider as example) runs. But with occasional slow downs.


                      I use the card for openCL development. (I have a console for games)


                      For your interest: I have Rise of the Tomb Raider installed which supports DX12. (The Witcher 3 isn't a DX12 game)


                      Here are the in-game benchmark test results with my system:


                      Settings: graphics profile "High", DX12 enabled, Resolution: 1920x1080


                      • Spine of the mountain:  avg. 60 FPS (min. 31.55 FPS, max. 98.06 FPS)
                      • Prophets tomp: avg. 54.55 FPS (min. 28.73 FPS, max. 82.29 FPS)
                      • Geothermal valley: avg. 38.44 FPS (min. 19.60 FPS, max. 57.49 FPS)


                      You can look at the screenshots for details, but it's the german version of the game.

                      And for a OpenGL benchmark i have attached the result of FurMark (Preset FHD Benchmark).

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                  The problem is your motherboard, it needs to be UEFI capable to use new graphics cards, and I don't think AMD started using UEFI until after 2010 (amdmatt correct me if I'm wrong) whereas your motherboard is from 2009, but you can verify it with Sapphire technical support, which means you're looking at a complete system upgrade, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering the age of your system hindering the performance of new graphics cards.

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                    Whilst build everything new and spending many $1000's may be an option for some, it might not be an option for others.
                    You might want to consider what you could do with what you already have, if you are on a budget.


                    Your Motherboard Review is here:
                    Sapphire PURE CrossFireX 790GX Motherboard


                    Here is the Manual:


                    You do not mention which CPU you have, but depending on what you have you might be able to upgrade it cheaply - take your pick from here.


                    I just had a quick look at this, you did not mention the CPU you are running, so I took a guess and I compared that Processor to an i7-920XM Mobile CPU because I own one. Intel Core i7 920XM vs AMD Phenom II X4 965 look pretty comparable.


                    Depending on What GPU you are looking to upgrade to, and again depending on which one you are looking for, you might be interested in purchasing a second hand   DUAL BIOS mode GPU such as a Sapphire R9 280x OC 3GB Vapor-X TRI-X. Or if you can get hold of it, look for an MSI R9 280X OC 6GB MSI Radeon R9 280X Gaming 6 GB Review | TechPowerUp

                    Or you could go for my favorite - R9 Nano 2nd hand.


                    A pair of R9 280x 6GB cards in Crossfire should perform ~ same a Single R9 Nano on Titles that support Crossfire well.
                    That combination would get you 60FPS on Tom Clancys tthe division at 1080p on Ultra if you have a CPU ~ i7-4770K.


                    The 6GB in Crossfire should be useful. If you only get a chance or want to purchase a single GPU , then an R9 280X 6GB is possibly not a good idea as the GPU just does not have the power to run higher resolutions and textures. A pair ion Crossfire should.


                    Next on to the topic of PCie 3.0 versus 2.0.
                    A pair of PCIe 2.0x8 lanes versus a Pair of PCIe 3.0x8 lanes with any GPU I have tested has not made that much difference so far.
                    I have seen minor performance uplift in some DX12 games with PCIe3.0x8 versus PCIe2.0x8


                    PCIe 2.0x8 versus x4 (example Thunderbolt1/2 connected eGPU)  versus x1 (example EXP GDC Wireless Adapter Connected eGPU) then sure there is a definite
                    performance drop off in that range with cards I have tested.


                    To give you a reference point I am running a Laptop with a non-UEFI motherboard BIOS with an i7-920XM Laptop Processor connected to a Sapphire R9 280x OC 3GB Vapor-X Tri-X via a PCIe2.0x1 EXP GDC adapter. I can run Crysis 2 at 1080p on maximum settings at around 40-45 FPS on an external 1080p monitor.
                    It does not seem to matter if I set UEFI or NON UEFI bios, both work. It is definitely playable.


                    One thing you had better check (I do not have time to look into this - I do not think it is a concern with the AMD Discrete processors in that list but just in case any of them do have any integrated graphics ... ).
                    Make sure you can completely disable any AMD integrated GPU if you have one ... If it is Pre GCN architecture and the AMD installer sees it, you will not be able to install latest AMD Drivers if you have a GCN based card. You will be stuck running old Catalyst Control Center Drivers or have to use the Crimson for legacy driver.
                    Funny enough that is not an issue for eGPU enthusiasts who have intel iGPU or people with discrete Nvidia GPU on laptop.



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                        Wow girls&guys a wealth of information there, thank you all for your suggestions and pointers, I know it’s nearly the same which I had but picked up 2 used 1gb Radeon HD4890 last night for £20 , they look like they are in pretty good nick, so that’ll tie me over to Christmas, probably just gonna go complete new system in the new year so I’ll be back on with plenty more questions . Until then have fun all and thanks for your advice.