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    Crossfire RX 580's Compatibility Games "Please Read"


      Hello I wanted to see if anyone else experience this in these games. I submitted these issues in bug report for amd quiet a few times but nothing has been fixed on my end.


      AMD Ryzen 5 1600 OC 3.825Ghz, 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz CAS 15, 2 XFX RX 580's OC locked to 1450Mhz core, 2050Mhz mem. 2 Toshiba Qseries SSD in raid 0.

      Asrock X370 Killer Sli/AC mobo with recent Bios p3.40.


      I have tested it on another board with same result and a intel build as well from a friend same results on the games.


      using latest driver as of 11/30/2017 - i have used previous drivers as well since rx 580's release no luck.


      Games Below:

      1. Planet side 2 - microstuttering in 4k resolution ultra settings and even setting it to medium same result. Poor FPS no scaling at all same FPS as a single card but with stutter.
      at 1440p i get slight stutter not as bad as the 4K results


      2. SkyForge - Flicker Show..... Game flickers all the time in crossfire cannot even play the game i swear it will give someone a seizure.......


      3. Guildwars 2 - Slight micro stutter  at 4k, some scaling but not as much as i had back when i used to use R9 280s in crossfire.......


      4. If a amd rep is looking at this post. i wish there was a Crossfire Profile for " Black Desert Online"


      5. I hope crossfire support gets more love with this new driver software this December the adrenaline version


      I really hope these can be fixed since these are my main games i play and have a 4k screen. i purchased these cards for $300 a peice - total $600 for both.

      I have always backed amd's products even if they didnt really outperform i was always able to get by. I might take them back for a single 1080ti since its $700.........

      I really dont want to.....


      Sorry for the ranting just been scratching head alot lately......




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          PlanetSide 2, Skyforge, and Guild Wars 2 are not coded to use multiple GPUs, nothing AMD can do about it. Black Desert Online utilizes Crossfire properly.


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            Black Desert Issue Flickering on Optimzed 1x1, afr friendly, and compatible.



            I uploaded a couple second video showing what is going on. It seems to only effection polaris based GPUs 400 - 500 series. I am running 2 RX 580's as well.



            YouTube Link of flickering


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              Can I ask what type of monitor you have?
              What refresh rates can it run at.

              Does it support Freesync?



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                    however i dont think its screen related because this also happens on my 24 Inch asus 1ms gaming screen. at 1080p on flickering issues.

                    which was this

                    ASUS VX248H 24" FHD 1920 x 1080 Gaming Monitor, 60 Hz 1ms Response Time (GTG), Flicker Free, Built-in Speakers - Newegg.…



                    the screen i use all the time is a 4K 28 inch

                    AOC U2879VF Featured 28'' 4K UHD 2160p LED-Backlit LCD Monitor, Black/Silver - Newegg.com

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                        OK so your ASUS Screen looks like it could be set to 75Hz refresh rate if this is the specification. VX248H | Monitors | ASUS USA
                        Again if that specification is correct, it only has HDMI inputs so I you do not think have access to freesync over HDMI ... not that I have seen it myself but you might want to check. Radeon FreeSync™ Technology | AMD


                        I think the best you can do with that display is set Frame Rate Target Control to 75 or 76 ... I cant remember right now which you need to run at 75 Hz refresh rate.
                        You should have Frame Pacing on by default.
                        Set Vsync to always off in the game and driver.
                        Run your crossfire config with as high graphical settings as you can whilst still hitting 75 FPS.
                        Also have you tried Enhanced Sync or does it not work with Crossfire?


                        If the output of your card goes over 75 Hz (FPS) on that monitor, such as 200 FPS for example ...  I think you will get 'flicker' or 'rolling screen tearing'.
                        I will look at your other monitor next.

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                            I have tried all of those settings, and i Do not use the Asus screen anymore i used the AOC screen that has freesync.


                            Its only on couple games that i ma having this issues, nothing to do with the monitor. The flickering is only when crossfire is enabled. and is on like 4 games. all other games like GTA5, battlefield, and others work perfectly fine. I am not going over the 60FPS threshhold since im playing games in 4k if anything......



                            I am right now taking back both cards and just gonna get a GTX 1080ti. I have submitted surveys on bugs, forum posts in the past and the games i play never get looked at. I am done with AMD on gpu side. I really dont understand how they can advertise 90% satisfaction if that is only based on numbers they have not looking at numbers based on reviews from other sites like newegg, microcenter, and bestbuy etc.....


                            I wanted to wait until they released this new driver but i havnt got a reply or any view that these issues will even be looked at or even skimmed over..... I have bought every generation  mid to high range card and used crossfire since it was called ATI back in the HD 3000's. This will be the first time i bought a Green team card in over 10 years for my main RIG..........    minus my Nvidia 450GTS i had for my guest pc.

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                                Yes I just looked at the Spec on that screen. FreeSync and 75Hz is supported. Nice Monitor. You could always buy a Vega 64 Liquid to drive it.



                                I just set the FRTC at the best FPS I can maintain, turn FreeSync on (as long as the game runs in FreeSync Range ... and it solves some Crossfire 'Flicker' issues on some titles.

                                I run 2-3 R9 Nanos in Crossfire mostly 2 since many times three work worse than 1 which is no surprise.  Dual Crossfire is working well for me on most recent AAA titles I need to run. Crossfire Dual RX480's/580's was the AMD countermeasure  to GTX1080 ... so I would have expected it is generally good.


                                I have PlanetSide2 installed if you want me to take a look on the R9 Nanos. The Microstutter might just be your CPU Utilisation is too high.
                                I have found that if my CPU Utilization hits > 90%, Crossfire starts to fail / flicker/stutter. Other games simply do not support Crossfire at all.
                                I think Crossfire is pretty much dead in the future. I doubt many people would have room to to fit dual 2.5/3 slot high Vega 64 AIB cards to do it anyhow.
                                Single card instead is probably for the best.
                                I am interested in Zotac GTX 1080Ti mini.



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                                    I do want to first thank you for at least taking the time to look at this the AMD community has been more helpful to me than amd in last couple years. I really hate to switch teams to nvidia. Heck my computer tower is basically AMD branded all over it but that soon will change. If AMD stepped up plate more i think things would have been difference for me.



                                    well i didnt want to go with the Vega 64 since inflated prices, i mean get a vega stock for $650 - 725 or liquid for 725 - 800 dollars........ I can buy a GTX 1080 ti from 700 - 800 dollars....    the vega 64 just trades blows with the 1070 - 1080ti inconsistently so im torn by amd lately


                                    I am just frustrated abit I know its not the community, just amd the generation has the hardware to smoke in number of raw compute and performance to beat nvidia but it seems they just keep falling short on the driver and software level......


                                    I have a AMD 6 core 12 thread Ryzen 5 1600 OC to 3.825  i literally don't get over 50% utilization, some cores hit 70% for second but not all the same time since its on the DirectX 9 api.


                                    I mainly decided on doing Crossfire Rx 580's to not only to game at 4K on titles i love but to do Coin mining while im at work to pay them off. I am not mining to make a profit just pay extra bills.


                                    If i didnt see issues with the Vega 64, i would buy it in a heart beat right now     issues: price, availability, performance and lack of support


                                    I hope amd reads this post because they need to do something to keep the loyal customers they had. I mean i stuck through the crappy performance of the FX bulldozer cpu's even.......   I bought the 8100's 8300's and 9370...... and now ryzen.....


                                    I really hope AMD reads this because i have put alot of my time and money into AMD over the years and hope they get there act together to were i can come back to the brand.

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                          The game have to support CF/SLI in order to work properly...

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                              loco the game does generally support crossfire,and AMD has a Planetside2 Crossfire profile as well.    I have personally used crossfire on planetside 2 with 2 R9 270's my 260x and my 2 6970's in crossfire before and it worked fine back then. You can even find users using crossfire on youtube that are working fine from older generaction APu's and Gpus.    there has only been small cases were crossfire didnt work with different card brands with frequencies, and some cards that just never got programmed for it.


                              I dont know if the Fury series will flicker or not, havnt seen to many articles on that card in crossfire for the game neither have i on polaris.

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                              OK I just did the following.
                              Ran Custom Upgrade from 17.11.2 to 17.11.4 selecting Clean install on Windows 10 64 bit 17.09 Fall Update.
                              Virtual Super Resolution on.
                              Crossfire Profile left at Default.
                              Installation worked fine.

                              Installed PlanetSide 2.

                              Ran it on default medium graphics settings at 2K Resolution with FreeSync on.

                              Monitor Freesync max = 75 Hz at 2K Resolution.
                              System = i7-4790K, Dual R9 Nanos in Crossfire, third R9 Nano unlinked.


                              Result = Constant FPS of 75.
                              No crashing.

                              No screen tearing.

                              Absolutely no Crossfire Flicker that I can see.

                              The game play is really smooth on this setup.



                              I will look for microstutter by measuring the frame time variation at various settings, but this looks pretty good to me on the R9 Nano's at least.
                              Please send me a few screenshots of the game Graphics Settings you use ... I will set those up and see if it is anything to do with that.


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                                Running with these maxed out settings, no FRTC, Vsync off I am still able to run at 73-80 FPS range with no issues.
                                I have Fog switched on, which in some parts I was running through I thought I was seeing a slight  banding ieffect n the fog ...
                                but it was over a very vertical small area and I would not personally say it is a problem. It went away by moiving forward slightly into the fog.


                                I forgot to mention .... - I am hitting all of these framerates whilst recording using ReLive.
                                It looks like Crossfire is running really well  at 2K, all settings maxed out for i7-4790K+dual R9 Nano.



                                I will look at 4K now.

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                                    ya 1440p has worked pretty fine for me for the most part I did get some stuttering in bigger groups but general gameplay at 1440p ran 70 to 85 fps in most areas with 1 RX 580. Just 4k i have issues with which was what i was having issues with was main reason why i got 2 cards since i have a 4k screen. Thanks for looking into on ur end anyways lol. I just purchased a Evga SC Black edition 1080ti off newegg. If amd had a card that could of competited with it I would of tried AMD again even though.... I had issues with these but anyways thanx for looking.

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                                        OK you bought a GTX1080TI ... don't blame you, no worries .
                                        I hope Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are still going where you are.


                                        Not that you are interested anymore ... but someone else might be ...
                                        Running at 4K I get 58-60 FPS no problems. No Crossfire Flicker.
                                        I do get some screen tear with Freesync turned off though.
                                        Here is the screenshot of the settings I used anyhow.



                                        And a couple of other players using me as a ground target ... you can just about see the FPS of 59 in the top left hand corner.



                                        I will have a look to see if Trifire gives me any better FPS at 4K, just for my own interest.
                                        Have fun with your GTX1080TI. Try Ansel out. It is pretty neat.

                                        It would be interesting for me to hear what FPS you get in this game with these settings ... since I look for a Zotac GTX1080TI mini as I need 11GB Vram.
                                        The card you bought should be a bit faster than the 1080Ti mini though.

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                                            OK I just checked running at 4K maxed out graphics settings with all three R9 Nanos running in Crossfire (Trifire) on this game.
                                            I still get about 59-60 FPS.
                                            Looking at the GPU activity the game is only running on 2 cards.
                                            No Crossfire Flickering issues seen.

                                            FreeSync works great, no screen tearing with it on.
                                            Just FYI, maximum CPU % use was ~ 40% in areas of heavy fighting in the online game.

                                            That's it I think for Planetside 2 from me.

                                            Crossfire looks to be running really well with the 17.11.4 driver on this game with i7-4790K and R9 Nano in Crossfire at least.


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                                        Just a thought.
                                        Do you use Ryzen Master when running games in Crossfire and set it to Game Mode?

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                                            i dont use ryzen master. But i had my power profile to high performance. I never had issues with the older generation of gpus. So i think its more less polaris optimization issue. I tried it on 2 different motherboards and tried it on a intel board as well. but i hope it is working for others but for me was to crappy.


                                            I manually overclocked CPU in bios - with stable run through in Aida 64 and Prime 95 for couple hours. Aida overnight


                                            Anyways thanks for looking at this issue.


                                            Im just gonna do coin mining with the Rx 580's im sticking with Nvidia until AMD next Generation or 2 actually puts out a powerful stable product that competes with the Ti line

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                                            RE: SkyForge - Flicker Show..... Game flickers all the time in crossfire cannot even play the game i swear it will give someone a seizure.......


                                            OK so first of all I do not know if Crossfire is even supposed to be supported on this title. I can see no specific Crossfire Profile for it.

                                            However I agree. It is absolutely terrible.


                                            Confirmed on i7-4790K with Dual R9 Nano. i7-4790K running at 9% OC. R9 Nanos running  at Default Power Profile settings, standard clocks, fans, power target.



                                            VSync on, 1080p, FTRC also set to 75 to knock out any screen tearing due to Frame Rates higher than Freesync Range on the Monitor.

                                            Here is an example screenshot catching a building mid flicker.



                                            The flicker is absolutely terrible with Crossfire in Default Mode and I have a headache after only 5 minutes of testing it.
                                            I also tried AFR Friendly but I had to stop there. 


                                            AMD:  Please disable Crossfire completely on Skyforge  until you can work with the developer to produce a Crossfire Profile for it, if that is even possible.
                                            I am pretty sure the flicker on this one is dangerous.
                                            I will submit a reporting form next and send a link to a Video Recording showing the problem.

                                            Thanks to for reporting this one to the forum.