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ATI Radeon HD 3450Multiple monitors stopped working after Windows Update

Question asked by jforman on Nov 27, 2017
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My computer is a Dell Optiplex 780 on Thanksgiving day I was using the computer at around 4 PM the screen flickered and then my screens were married and not configured as 2 separate screens. When I try to go to settings to reconfigure them to 2 separate screens, I clicked on the button to detect monitors. And I was informed that "Did not detect another display"


I tried to uninstall the update, however, the update was not listed. As being available for on installing. I tried rolling back to the restore point the for the update, however, when I try that, I got an error message. That merely stated, "something went wrong unable to continue".


I tried doing a manual update oh Windows 10. The update went fine and even added some additional features however I am still not able to configure this has a 2 monitor computer. I am still getting the error message when I click on detect. "Did not detect another display"


Unfortunately, after doing the Windows Update, the restore point history has been removed, however, while. It was still there I was able to see that that update included 3 AMD updates.


I have tried swapping out monitors and swapping out cables. The only possible thing I found is that there was a Windows Update on the 23rd of November at around 4 PM. I assume since no reboot was necessary. It was installed in implemented immediately.


If anyone can think of anything I neglected to try please feel free to let me know. After you get used to using multiple monitors this is a pain in the rear.



Dell Inc. OptiPlex 780

Chassis Serial Number: XXXXXX

Enclosure Type: Space-saving

Board: Dell Inc. 03NVJ6 A00

Serial Number: ..CN736049C102MA.

Bus Clock: 1333 megahertz

BIOS: Dell Inc. A15 08/06/2013


ATI Radeon HD 3450 [Display adapter]

PCI GDIHOOK5 [Display adapter]

DELL E176FP [Monitor] (17.1"vis, s/n XX-064180-XXXXX-5A8-1HKC, October 2005)


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