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Frames dropped while streaming Netflix

Question asked by cewn93 on Nov 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Cornugon

Hi there,


Recently, I'm having issues while streaminig Netflix on my pc.When I have opened (pauzed or playing doesn't matter) the Netflix video player (both in the Windows 10 app and different browsers), it keeps freezing/dropping 2-4 frames every half a second. During this time, both my screens temporarily ''freeze'', meaning that my mouse and other stuff I'm doing also freezes. Netflix consoles clearly shows that these frames are dropped and meanwhile the audio keeps playing perfectly. I've tried contacting both Netflix and my internet provider, both they suggest it has something to do with my video card. I'm running an AMD R9 380 with software version 17.11.2. I've tried to downgradeto 17.11.1 and then go back to 17.11.2 but the problem keeps persisting on both driver version. Furthermore, I've tried rebooting my pc, clearing browser history and cookies, rebooting my modem, switching to only 1 monitor instead of 2. I'm using a cable for my internet and my provider said the connection is perfect and has been for the last month (so no difference before/after these problems arised as well). These frame drops do no occur when watching Youtube or using a different video player and as soon as I close the Netflix tab, my mouse starts running smooth again as well. Does anyone know a cause or solution to my problems? It would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,