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17.11.1 WHQL broken Enduro/Switchable Graphics

Question asked by ramchyld on Nov 19, 2017

So yeah, this driver gave me a lot of issues on my Crossfire rig while it was in beta, keeps crashing the thing and every single game (most notably, GTA V) keeps softlocking the system. GTA V would eventually crash with an error about creating a D3D display while Windows would announce that it has blocked the app from using the GPU (why?)


But since it got WHQLed, I figure that I might be wrong, and installed it on my laptop, which has a FX-7600P GPU with R7 Graphics and a R9 M280X Discrete GPU switched through Enduro. 17.11.1 seems to dislike systems with multiple GPUs I guess, because it also has broken Enduro support, every games that switch over to the discrete GPU hangs.


I would like to go with 17.11.2, except that the release does not support APUs. In the end I had to waste mobile quota downloading 17.7.2, and then downgrade back to the release.


Seriously, how did this thing pass WHQL? Aside from CFX setups (of which clearly no testing was done), was the driver also ever tested on Enduro/Switchable Graphics systems? Because for a WHQL driver, it is severely broken.