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No AMD HDMI audio device installed ever with display drivers

Question asked by gwynbleidd on Nov 11, 2017
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I have RX 480 and most recent drivers 17.11.1 installed. OS is Win 7.

I also have a dedicated Xonar DGX sound card and an on-board Realtek audio.


Just recently I connected Phillips HDTV via HDMI as my secondary display in order to watch movies from the PC on the TV.

The image on the TV is fine, but I am unable to get any sound on the TV via HDMI connection.

From what I understand there should be "AMD HDMI audio device" or something similar in the playback devices but there is no such thing and never was.

In the device manager, "Sound, video and game controllers" there are "ASUS Xonar DGX Audio Device", "Bluetooth Audio Device" and "Realtek High Definition Audio".

If I understand correctly some sort of AMD HDMI output drivers should be installed along with display driver, but that does not seem to happen.

On the AMD Software > System > Software overview "AMD Audio Driver Version" is listed as "Not available".


I've tried re-installing crimson display drivers multiple times using DDU to do a clean install. In Custom Install options there is no mention of HDMI audio drivers.

I've tried enabling and disabling on-board Realtek HD audio in BIOS, then reinstalling crimson drivers, to no effect.

No matter how many times I reinstalled crimson driver or in what order, AMD HDMI Audio Device never appears in the Device Manager.


Is there a way to install HDMI audio drivers for radeon card separately?

Is there any other solution