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    Windows 8.1 Drivers?




      So I've been using windows 8.1 for a very long time now and it seems like it isnt getting any support anymore.
      It has been stuck on 17.7.1 for ages while if I look at the same graphics card drivers for windows 10 it goes up higher.
      Will there be any support for this? or do I HAVE to upgrade to windows 10 for that or is there maybe some workaround because I tried downloading the drivers for windows 10 but they won't be accepted. And the reason for this is because even the new game Call of duty WWII constantly tells me my driver isnt high enough to play this game smoothly and it gets really annoying since it pops up every single time I'm in a menu. Also playing PUBG which if I read it correctly also had some improvements with some higher drivers.



      Would really appreciate some help with this!