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    Vega FE 17.Q4 Driver Options missing


      Hi all,


      I've just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 x64 with the FCU (version1709), and then proceeded to install the 17.Q4 unified driver package for my system. No other software or drivers have been installed. Upon rebooting, there is no "Driver Options" button in the Radeon Pro Settings home screen (see screenshot). According to the Driver Options User Guide posted on the 17.Q4 website, this should be the first button in the lower-left of the Radeon Pro Settings home screen, but it is completely missing.


      Help? I'd like to install the gaming mode drivers on my Vega FEs.


      System details:

      - Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 X399

      - Threadripper 1950X

      - 128 GB G.Skill DDR4 2933 Mhz C14

      - 4x Liquid cooled Vega Frontier Edition (PCIe x16, x8, x16, x8)

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          Bump. Anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? I also tried the Oct 2 drivers with the same effect.

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            Did you do a manually install of the display driver?

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                Thanks for the reply!


                By manual install, do you mean Custom Install? I tried cleaning out everything using the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility, and re-installing according to the 17.Q4 Driver Options User Guide pdf.


                Or do you mean using Device Manager? I can force the RX drivers to be installed for my four vegas and this will get Wolfenstein II to run, but it confuses the Pro / Firepro Catalyst settings and Wattman is still unavailable.


                The issue is not that the 17.Q4 pro drivers are not installing — they work just fine. It’s that I’m missing the button to toggle to “Gaming Mode” and hence performance is suboptimal for games and any game development I do for work.

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                For anyone coming across this thread, I've contacted AMD Pro Support and the official reply was that this was a known issue and they're working on a fix. Whether the fix won't come until the 18.Q1 drivers I don't know, but at least I got someone saying they're aware of the issue and I'm not crazy for thinking this should be working.


                We are aware this is a known issue with the Pro Drivers on Windows 10. We have our driver team working on it to fix this issue, thank you for letting us know the issue is still present. We will continue to investigate this issue and as soon we have a solution for it we will let you know.

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                  You are not the only one. I have the same issue. I've reinstalled 5 or 6 times. The instructions state that when you choose custom install it will ask you if you want to install multiple drivers. That NEVER happened.


                  I've already removed my FE from my machine as these drivers are still unusable for my workflow, but at least wanted you to know you weren't crazy :>

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                    Yea your not the only one i also have the same issue missing driver options.


                    system details:

                    Running windows 10 pro bootcamp

                    2017 macbook pro

                    16gb ram

                    i7 kabylake

                    Mantiz Venus egpu

                    air cooled vega frontier edition

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                      I've found that running the drivers from the admin account will show the Driver Options button, BUT I can't download the game drivers...