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Asrock Motherboard ab350 and USB problems

Question asked by x58 on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by jigzaw

Hello everyone sorry for bother this community with my Issue, but even Asrock forums seems not to help or ignore my sitatuation, also i wanted to apologies for my poor English-grammar, vocabulary, my main language is Spanish.

But backing to the topic, is   that,  I-m having a problem with my mouse g9 and keyboard g15,  it seems that this motherboard or bios are forcing all usb ports included  2.0 usb  to work as 3.0 usb ports, it may sound like a joke but is not. the day that I realise that i was having a Issue, was when I downloaded a software made for my motherboard, the software was: F-stream which this software allow pc users to connect exclusively mouses in the port usb 2.0 with the F-stream technology, wish i ensure that i connect my mouse in that port, them I realise that there was a problem, because when I downloaded the software and run it, the software was like missing a option for my mouse, like the features that allow my mouse to changes hertz,polling rates, where not there, and i double check my motherboard+manual indications and yep, effectively for any reason this motherboard or bios were locking the usb ports 2.0 functions
Also i notice that something was not okay, when tried to Install Windows 7 by using the USB-TOOL-CREATION made by my motherboard, which is a tool that brings drivers for mouse and keyboard to allow usb 2.0 or 3.0 to install Windows 7 without using a PS/2 mice, when i use that USB-tool and put the windows 7 and make the pendrive booteable, i notice that, that didn't work..
like i wasnt able to use my keyboard in any usb ports, included mouse


Another thing that I discovered was that both windows even 7 or 10 there were detecting my g9 and g15 as 3.0 usb...and prompting a message like this:




And them i went to a software called HWINFO64 to check the USB ports speed and stuff, and it clearly says that G9 and g15 are running on 1.1 speed. and support 2.0





G-15 Keyboard






Also in G-15 keyboard there is a hub that is running full speed on 1.1





Also when all this say, it seems that my asrock ab350 chipset with latest bios 3.20  sees to be hidding some Mouse features that appears in my manual, but of course the manual shows a date of 1 january, when i got this motherboard was in may 18, with bios 1.40, now i have 3.20 , but even that, why would they hidden Mouse features?


See the manual indicated that it has options like:
Legacy Usb Support
usb 3.0 Controller
And all that options are like missing , in my actual bios screen




Them i decided to Download a program called  AMIBCP Version 5.02.0023 which is an editor, so i loaded there original latest bios from my motherboard which is 3.20 version
Them I discovery that there are many Mouse Options and features that seems to be Either forced Enable, or disabled, I really wants to have a accurate mouse, I can use any logitech software to increse mhz, or dpi, but thats not helping ,is like every mouse i connected here in this pc, seems to be affected, i didn-t have this problem before on my old MSi-h55-e33 intel...
So what i can do?I cannot enjoy anymore gaming, also seems like there is visual lag, when playin games =/ i-m totally sad u.u


If you can click on this picture below,  you will see that even it says (yes) show, it doesnt shows... i cannot select XCHI hand off, or EHCI or none of that options to test my mouse or keyboard







Hope someone can help me, i really sorry for my poor english or repeated vocabulary, but i need help
This is my actual bios pictures that i take, all that options are default, i didn't modify anything.

I had to upload to mediafire and compressed with 7zip there are 46 pictures of the whole bios all is default.
Thanks for your time.